Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011 - email from Elder Bezas

We didn't hear from Elder Bezas the second week he was in the MTC. Of course, as a mother, I was over-the-top missing him and pining for that email. Silly me. It eventually came the following week, due to a computer glitch. Better late than never! Here 'tis.

Alright! What's up!?! It's week two here at the good ol' Missionary Training Center and this is Elder Bezas coming to you somewhat live. The only negative is that the computer didn't let me sign in the first time and so it thought it should also take five minutes off my already short thirty minutes.

Oh, well. there's so many positives. Sunday night we chose from the several videos we can watch, to view the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration film. OH, how I love that film. Joseph Smith did so much and gave up his life for the work. He is the man. The gospel is true.

So this week going to the temple I remembered the first time to bring my recommend so my companion and I didn't have to walk all the way back to the dorm to grab it. Yay! Each day is a learning process. I just need to learn to accept I'm not going to get things perfectly, and the Lord will accept my best efforts.

OK, so my schedule: Wake up at 06:30; get ready and all hygiene'd out and then off to breakfast at 0700; personal gospel study at 0730...Well, the schedule is different each day, so I'll just outline the different activities. Personal gospel study for an hour; companionship study to discuss what we each studied and then prepare for 'progressing investigators'. I'm learning a lot from that. We also have gym for about 45 minutes. Oh, how I love gym. Such a great chance to just relax. Maybe I said that in the last 'posolstvo'. Anywho.

We have firesides on Sunday nights and devotionals on Tuesday nights. Tuesday is prep day so I get all my stinky clothes all nice and clean again!:) Joy!

Let's see...my district! So with Slovak speakers, there is just Starsi Meredith and I [the computer doesn't allow me to add the 'dlzen's' or 'mekcen's' on letters. Shrug.]. There are also two companionships of Czech speakers - Starsi Coleman and Engstrom [who were just made zone leaders] and Starsi Stockdale and Plaizier.

The other district is made up of four Croatian speakers [Starjesina Genter and Marshal/Sestra Milias and...I'm blanking. Oops.] and one Slovenian speaker - Staresina Baker.

OK, so to clarify (hehe), when referring to the language, it is Slovak, not Slovakian. Also, the people of Slovensko are referred to as Slovaks. So there we go. :)

Hey, mom, if you could go on Facebook and look under my friends for Derek Chapman and see if he has an address written. I'd like to write him while he's still out on the mish.

Random tangent! Shaving every day hurts so bad.

In trying to learn the language, I'm reminded of a Steve Martin quote in which he was talking about the French language, but I thought about it in relation to the Slovak language, naturally.

It's like they have a different word for everything. And it's crazy because depending on how you use each word, be it nouns or pronouns or adjectives...the ending changes in order to fit the structure. There are seven cases for words. And they change depending on the word ending/gender of the word.

So it was interesting, when the front office has a message for missionaries, they call them over the intercom, and the other day they called a 'Sister Whitney Smith' and I had to do a double take. But after a milisecond I realized that wasn't humanly possible since she's not twenty-one.

I love looking out at the mountains. It's so peaceful. You definitely don't find that in our town. And it just helps me realize that to get to the peak, one must start at the bottom.

Oh, and with the pictures, the computers here don't allow one to plug in outside software. So I'll have to send the SD card or email them once I'm out in the field or print them off or something.

Oh, also, mom, in relation to the care packages. If you could send the two black notebooks on the middle shelf in my room (spiral bound). I'm running low on space in the current study journal I have. Oh, and I bought some paper and envelopes before you sent the last package. But if you feel like occasionally sending more stamps that's awesome. And home baked cookies or brownies or stuff like that. Ah, homemade is the bomb.

Also, I have that slip for the DearElder.com free care package in that spot with the other papers. If you feel like sending that that'd be cool. I'm curious what one of those entails.

I have been getting the DearElders. So great! :) Just keep them coming. It helps so much to get mail each day. Just such a great boost.

Ah! Two and a half minutes. Um, the food is decent. It's not as bad as everyone was making it sound.

Well, I love you and you lift me up so much. Thanks for the mail. Little bro, I loved your joke about the mice more than anything. A true LOL moment. And sis, I'm glad to hear the concert went sooo well. :) Keep it up. And Daddy and Mommy, I thank you for your uplift. You help more than you know. I feel you guys with me. And I'm on the top floor of the building. You were on the bottom, Dad?

Love you guys.