Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Usually Elder Bezas's emails are full of answers to questions we'd sent him. This is is full of answers to things we'd been wanting to know!

Wow, ok, so I just wrote this super long email and was going to copy and paste it into here. But it somehow lost it. Very much peeved. Oh, well. Alright, so I'll have to shorten it. It's never the same writing a letter the second time. :)

Alright. So Elder Kezele is not in the same classroom. He's on the same floor and four classrooms down from the Slovak one. So we do see every day and try to chat it up briefly. He'll do great in Lithuania. And yes! Elder Daniel Olsen came this Wednesday! And he happens to be just across the hall on the same floor. So all three of us are rockin' the gospel on the top floor. :) He'll have fun with Hungarian alright.

So, sad day. Cectpa (Sister) Ashby made her departure for Moscow, Germany this morning at 0500-ish. It was cool to see a familiar face here, but I wish her well.

It has been a great week! I'm learning to put my faith in Christ and just put forth my best efforts and just keep getting up each morning. The Lord will make so much more out of our efforts.

OK, I 'lied.' The best thing about the cafeteria is the constant supply of Chocolate Milk! Oh, yeah, I'm in heaven. OK, not really. But it's still chill.

So, sis, that's awesome with the Book of Mormon readathon. Keep rockin' it.

I'll wait patiently to open the General Conference package. :) It's great to get packages. I love it. Along with the mail. Yum yum yum.

And I loved the journal entry from your mission, Mom. That was awesome and helped get me stoked for the field. Keep 'em coming. And Dad, if you felt like sending some, that'd be great. Oh, and with the DearElder.com packages, the happy bday one looks great! That'd be cool to get.

And Mom, thanks for what you said about the yearbook. That helped more than you can know.

I'm so stoked for General Conference. Our classes on Saturday are canceled, so we basically just have buffet meals and conference for two days. Pretty chill.

And little bro, I love your jokes. So here's one in return. What is something that humans shouldn't eat, but dogs say all the time? BARK. Just for you, compliments from off the top of my head. :) I love you, buddy.

Dad, I loved your analogy of our trip to Nevada when I was super young. That helped. It's true, we can't see our progress until after the experience.

So, Mom, are you starting to feel better? I feel for you. I hate for you to be feeling sick. I'll pray that you get better. And how's little bro with his deep cough.

It's true, setbacks are for our good. We grow and learn from them. And all things can become for our good if we follow the path the Lord has set. There are NO coincidences.

To answer your question, Dad, since we haven't heard anything as of yet about whether we're singing in Conference, I'm assuming...no. Since that's in four days. And the MTC choir sang last October in the priesthood session. I think it's about every other session of Conference that the MTC sings. Bummer. The one time I'll be in the MTC. Ha. Oh, well.

I sent you guys a letter with the insurance reimbursement form for the second dose of the Hepatitis A shot I got last Friday. Yay, there went $71.

What I'm going to do for the mission. This is what matters. :)

You asked whether I'm discouraged at times. I was. And still am occasionally. It was really bad for a week or two here. But I have studied faith in Christ more and realized that:

1) replacing negative thoughts about self and others with positive ones allows the Holy Ghost to be in one's life with much more abundance, and

2) faith is definitely a word of action.The Lord will make our imperfect effort into something perfect. We just have to continue to do our best and get up each morning with a smile on our face. Try to be a little better each day.

Do I still feel like I way struggle with the language? Yeah. Do I still feel at times that I'm an inadequate representative of Christ and His gospel as a teacher? Yeah. But to an extent it's true. We can't do it alone. But that's alright. Because Christ already suffered and overcame death and sin and all our trials and challenges alone with the Atonement so that we don't have to. Do our best and He'll make up the rest.

This week was the first time we taught the lesson in all Slovak. Wow. Did I still feel like I was way tripping over my words. Yes. But I changed my attitude into a positive one. I did my best. And it was so great because the Spirit was there with us. I could feel it so strongly. Although our teachers aren't real investigators, the Spirit still testifies of truths when they are taught.

It's so cool to know that as long as I do my best to be united with my companion and do my best to serve those around me and teach the gospel, that the Lord will help us share His word. This is His gospel and this is His church upon the earth. If it wasn't, young missionaries like us young whipper snappers would have messed it up a long time ago.

I love Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. He will prepare those who are ready to have added joy to their lives through hearing the gospel and abiding by the commandments the Lord has given (John 14:15 and John 15:10). The Lord knows what's best for us and we can save ourselves from so much heartache as we simply live the commandments (as He has asked). The Lord will help us. We just need to take that leap of faith into the "dark" and He will light our way, like He literally did for Nephi and their family in the wilderness.

I love you guys. Hopefully I don't come off over the top with the gospel. But the truth is...I love it! It gives me hope. I know that because of the Savior, I can be made clean from all the silly mistakes I make and be able to live with my family for forever after we pass on from this life.

I love you guys. You rock! Thanks for your support. Two years at times seems like a long time, but I know that it will just rush by in an instant, upon looking back at it years from now. Alright, dovidenia, keep the faith, and Viem ze Jezis Kristus je nas spasitel and vykupitel.

Elder Bezas