Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011 Elder Bezas's First Post from the MTC!

Here is Elder Paul Bezas's first post from the MTC. I've learned from it two things: the Savior will come to your side when you need Him, and you never know when your simple presence lifts another. (What Elder Bezas wrote about his little brother is so touching.)

(He mentions the "enter" key not working, thus I have adjusted the paragraphs for readability. :0)

Hello family! Alright well the computer isn't letting me use the [enter] key so excuse the lack of paragraphs.

I have now been in the MTC almost a full week! Wow! Just crazy. It's really true what the more wiser elders were saying when we first got here. "The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days."

Ok so query- Dad, I'm on the top floor of the Kimball building for my class. Where were you at in the building?

So life is just crazy. It's amazing how "stretched" I feel already. I am realizing not only how hard it is to try to teach in such a manner that it helps others... in english. What a completely different matter it is in Slovak! Ah! Also, we're only alloted thirty minutes each week for emailing. With that in mind, I haven't had any time to read the wonderful emails you guys sent me. I would really, really, really love to though. So kind Mother, :) if you would please be willing to copy and paste each of the letters you all have written me so far and then go to  DearElder.com and send them to me that way. I can receive letters every day of the week besides Sunday, due to the postal service taking a much needed break, so if you could send me mail that way- I'll then have  time to read your letters and plan my response. The address should be on my Facebook profile and my  mailbox at the MTC is #88. That would be so great.

This is definitely the hardest thing I have EVER done.  I'm not gonna lie. Getting mail each day if you guys are willing would be such an enormous boost. Before I entered the MTC, I had heard over and over again how hard it is. I had NO idea. I love you guys. You are  the best. And I just know, somehow, the Lord will provide.

I had the coolest experience during sacrament meeting. As I was listening to the sacrament prayers, I had one of the strongest impressions I have ever felt. I  very literally felt the Savior beside me to my left. I felt so strongly that He'll help me through this. I've only  been here a week and I am already fighting feelings of discouragement and yearning so strongly for home.

This language is intense. I feel so very inadequate in responding to my duty to serve. But I know that I must.  For I can not look myself in the mirror and feel that I have done a satisfactory job otherwise. My focus is to  forget myself and help those around me. I don't know how I'm doing with this task, but this is my goal.

Something our branch president, President Creer said is that whenever we feel frustrated at ourselves for not  doing as well as we would like to, we are losing sight of our focus- the Savior. He will help us with all of our  tasks and our endeavors.

Also- to Matt, Brett, and Carly. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your letters! That is such a lift to hear from you guys. I love receiving mail. It really helps remind me why I'm here.

Again, this is the hardest thing I've done so far. And I'm not even in the field yet. I've started praying in Slovak  though. That is pretty cool. Kinda repetitive though. Can't wait until my vocabulary expands.

So each day we  have personal study and companionship study. We also have temple visits/walks! So cool. We went to the  temple today as a district and that was such a special experience. I've never felt such exceeding comfort at the temple. It was amazing.

And I want you, my little bro, to know- you are helping me so much, little buddy. You may  not even realize it. But you are. You are helping me stay out here. I know that I can't go home, for what kind  of example would that be for my little brother! Don't ever give up! The Lord is there! It's easy to say, but I'm realizing more and more how true it is.

Oh, mom, you'll be proud of me, I've been selecting pieces of fruit to eat during the day at meal time. And I have made the Purell dispensers around MTC campus my buddy. I  have very clean hands. I am not going to get sick while I'm here! That would just be very much not chill.

And dear sis, I was thinking about you yesterday with your concert! How did it go? Tell me everything. On  DearElder.com. :)

And gym has been a great way to relax and just let it all go in my mind. Running a mile has  been great, although it's been a long time since I've done that. Ha. Also, my companion Elder Meredith from  SLC was made district leader. So cool. He's a great guy and he's a music performance major. Pretty chill. We're going to participate in the choir.

Alright, well, there's so much more I'd like to say but this is all I have time for. Sorry it's all jumbled. With only thirty minutes, there's not much time to collect thoughts. And not  being able to use the return key is another chance to look for the positive. Ha. Again, if you could copy and paste and send all the previous letters to me through snail mail through DearElder.com that'd be so great, Mom. And I love you Dad. You are such a great example to me. And sis, keep your head up high... in a  non haughty way. Ha. It'll all work out. As President Hinckley would say. And little bro. You're my hero, dude. Just for you: "Can't wait, LOL, Smiley Face."

And send the old emails to me in the next day, please, please, please.  OK, it's signing me off. Thanks. Love you, family. You are my rock, along with the Savior.

D&C 6:36.