Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011 - Letter from Elder Bezas to his little bro

Here is a letter Elder Bezas sent to his little brother. It is in Slovak, but as Blogger does not have the ability (that I can find) to type in the huge variety of accents Slovak contains, it will be without the accents (unfortunately). Slovak is such a beautiful language. And I apologize in advance for misspelling any words, due to misunderstanding Elder Bezas's handwriting. :0)


Ahoj, little bro! Ako sa mas? Co si robil od nedavuo. Este stale hras video hry? Mas zabavu v skde? Ako sa ma nasa rodina? I siel si vou s priatel'mi nedavno? Tu v MTC, mam vel'a zabavy. Ja studujem evanjelium Jezisa Krista a ja sa ucim ako ucit lepsi. Niekedy sa citim nervozu o mojich schopnostiach. Ked' som prec, chcel by som vediet' co robis v skauts som stastny. Ze som misionar. Toto je praca Krista. On mi pomoze. Musim robit' moje najlepsi. Budem pracovat' usilovne. Ty si moj najlepsi priatel'. Evanjelium je pravdiva. Ver v Boha. On ti pomoze. Ja t'a milujem. Bud' silne. Uvidime sa dva roky, moj maly brat.

Tvoj priatel' a vel'ky brat,

Starsi Bezas

P.S. Here's the letter you asked for in Slovak :)
Tu je list ty spytal pre po slovensky.

P.P.S. I love you, little bro! I hope you know that--I know you can be very successful! Do your best. Listen to Mom and Dad. They only want to help you. Hope you enjoy conference today and tomorrow!

Pray every day. God wants to hear from you. And little guy, we are hanging out when I get back! Can you say "baseball catch"? :0)

Stay awesome, my friend.

Starsi Bezas