Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

We still have not heard about the decision regarding our son and his eyes. We have fasted three times, petitioning the Lord's guidance. And at this point, we leave it in His hands. Here is this week's email.

Ok, well, I'm in the process of taking those pics you were wanting, Mom, so history in a small way will be documented. :) 

Ok so with Elder Baker, the Slovenian elder, he's a "solo" elder, meaning he's the only one going there currently at the MTC, but he's companions with Elder Genther, in the next classroom over, going to Croatia. So they room together and everything, they are just in separate classrooms. 

Oh, crazy small world- Elder Taylor Baker is second cousin's, or w/e it would be with the Clawsons. So crazy! I found out as he was reading a letter from his cousin with the last name of Clawson. Who woulda thunk it? 

Oh, hey mom, before I leave, could you use that free DE.com package slip. That'd be cool to get before I go. In relation to Elders Hyde and Plant- Yes! I received a letter from Elder Plant the other week, and with Elder Hyde I haven't heard anything from him since I replied to that forward you sent me of his letter. Hopefully I'll hear soon. 

Yeah, IDK why, but there are a fair amount of english speaking elders in our branch. It's kinda frustrating-in-a-humorous-sense, since we stay for 9ish weeks, and they only stay for about 2 1/2. So we've seen several districts come and go into the field. Ha. Oh, well. We get to hear more devotionals and firesides. :)  [As his mom, I'll interject here. He wants to get out in the field, and so it's like candy in front of his face seeing the stateside elders go swiftly to their assigned areas. But he does understand the intensity of his language and so just deals with it all.)

Oh and thanks for taking care of my taxes. You guys are swell! :) Hopefully that went alright. Have you found out how much of a return we'll receive from my end? And that's awesome with dad turning in the application for counseling! Go team! How soon until he gets that certification? 

Oh, so the greatest thing! On sunday, President Brown (the MTC President) announced that the elders no longer wear jackets around campus, except going to the temple and at devotionals! Yay! Oh, so happy. 

So Czech and Slovak republics are still one mission, there's just one zone that includes portions of both. So in that zone, there are czech and slovak elders who are companions with each other. I found out about it from my teachers, who get emails from elders they've taught who are in the field currently. 

It's sad, one of our teachers, Brother Van de Graff is leaving for a new position this friday, so we won't have him for the last couple of weeks. :( He's a great guy. I've learned a lot from him - as from the other teachers as well. 

Oh, so I felt really happy this week, because one of our teachers shared that from their teacher meeting that all three feel that Elder Meredith and I are doing very well teaching with unity, and in teaching in a manner that our investigators are able to understand what we're teaching. That helped a lot to hear - It helps me think that maybe I'm not as inadequate as I sometimes think I am at sharing the gospel. :) 

But yes, it's true. I find out on Thursday* this week about whether I will still serve in Slovakia or somewhere here in the States. If in the states, it'll probably be English speaking. I'm not worried. I know that the Lord is over all. This is His work. I feel at peace, knowing that He is in charge of it all and He's mindful of my effort to try to serve Him. Whatever happens, it's a thing to rejoice over, for I have the chance to serve the Lord on a mission. I will make sure to let you know. It will all work out. :) 

I love you all. I feel your support with me. It was amazing to be able to speak with you guys on the tely. I don't believe in coincidences. There's a reason this has happened. The Lord knows the end from the beginning. He can orchestrate our lives in such a way that we will obtain the most growth as we turn to Him. We have no need to fear, as long as we do things His way. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be good. I will go forward in faith with wherever I'm asked to serve. 

I love you guys. I loved your picture you drew Stephen. D&C 6:36. "Can't Wait. LOL. Smiley face." 

Ok, so I'm dying to know - is dad's car fixed yet? Or still walking to work? Oh please please please send the SEWING instructions. That'd be so great! Thanks. :) Even just DE.com it (yeah it's a verb) and then send pics later or something. So did you open up the blog? 

I'm fasting tomorrow since the Quorum of the Twelve are deciding about my call. Maybe you could join the fast? if that's not asking too much. :) 

Thanks for thinking I'm diligent - it was a pleasant insight into why I would consider going stateside as a good option. Yeah, I either have 4 or five letters for Slovakia. So if you want to send more, feel free. Mom and Dad - your letters really help :) Thanks.

Elder Bezas

* We actually as a family found out late Friday afternoon, when Paul was allowed to call us from the MTC to tell us his new assignment: to the PA Philadelphia mission. We were in a bit of shock. The reassignment went all the way to the First Presidency, leaders were talked to in Europe, and scads of notes taken. We're just trying to accept that no medical personnel understand why his eyes are doing this. The concern is sudden retinal detachment.