Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Well hello family!

So wassup! Dad, I could feel you with me while in the laser pyrotechnic show chair. :0)  (Elder Bezas had to undergo surgery again on his eyes while in the MTC. It is never pleasant, because the doctors are cauterizing the leaking blood vessels near his retina with laser hot beams . . . without numbing.)

I had a dream that you came and gave me a blessing. Well, in 2 years that can happen again.

It's all good. This is a time we can realized how grateful we truly are for one another. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

I'll send home pictures that I'll print off at the bookstore - that's probably how Elder Kezele printed them off and gave them to his mom. Or maybe he sent the SD card. (As his mother, I was dying by this time to get pictures . . . or even ONE picture from my son!)

To answer your question, I get the DearElder.com letters after dinner on pday, so it's after I've written the emails.

Maybe Dad and I WERE at the temple at the same time - my session started at 8:20 a.m. last week. Thanks for fasting for me. In my blessing I got (Jordan gave it) the Lord said there are not coincidences. Good to know I'm on the same page as the Big Guy upstairs. :0)

Hopefully they'll let me call again once I find out if I'm being reassigned for my mission on Thursday. I'll let you know. I'll insist. :0) But I'm pretty sure they'll let me.

I took a pic of your respective MTC presidents, Mom and Dad. There's a wall with all MTC Prez's pics. :)

Digestive system all right. I tried fasting on Sunday, but I had to modify to begin with (drinking water throughout due to my throat really hurting) and I just had a massive migraine and wasn't feeling good. I feel the Lord understands. I'll try again tomorrow when the Quorum of the Twelve decide what I'm to do for the rest of my mission. (Due to his eye hemorrhaging, the decision needs to be made if Slovakia is too rural medically.)

So I have been sick this week. I know - awesome on top of not knowing where I'm going. Ha. So the works - phlegm, runny nose, voice gone. But today it feels a bit better. It started on Friday.

I talked to President Burtasso after the devotional tonight - he spoke with the stake president back home and everything is a go! The decision now goes before the Twelve tomorrow. President Burtasso will call me down by Thursday at the latest. I'll know then.

Elder Richard G. Scott spoke to us tonight! Oh! The Spirit was amazing when he walked in and we stood for him! Oh! He gave an Apostalic blessing of the Gift of Tongues upon us learning languages. I have no fear. The Lord will help me. I still have to put forth my efforts, but it won't be as hard. :)

I'll tell more in my email next week. Consider this just a taste . . . or a teaser coming to a computer near you. I love you. You are the best. :) D&C 6:36.

Your son and brother,

Elder B