Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

(We did not receive this letter until after having a whole slew of other events happen - as per blog post dated April 26, 2011.)

Saturday, 4/23/11

I love you all. Can't say much. Gotta mail this off. Here's language stuff I now don't need in the field. Try to keep it all together for my sake. :) If I meet some Czech/Slovak speakers, I'll just have you mail the scriptures or something. I gotta make weight on the plane - why I'm shipping these now.

I'll send the SD card when I finish taking the MTC pics. Still need some with teachers.

Love you. I leave Tuesday morning. I'll try to email you real quick. I bought a clock that is louder. Thanks though. :)


Elder Bezas

P.S. I included a pen that is empty. It is symbolic of progress. It is the first pen I've completely emptied. Ever. For me it is significant. It's the see-through pen. "Bic." Please don't throw away. :) Or at least until I get back. :) Oh, and Elder Meredith didn't have a converter kit. So I gave him mine. :)