Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Yes, Mom is thrilled. We just got the latest email from Elder Bezas. And here 'tis, full of his general daily activities and information. We so love this young man, who is seeking to become his best by serving others and teaching of Jesus Christ. He titled this week's email: "We just got a letter, we just got a letter, we just got a letter...I wonder who it's from? bum dum dum ba dum bum bum!" (Blue's Clues).

Ahoj everyone! OK, so this week I got a haricut! Bum bum bum! Yeah, it was strange trusting my hair to someone else besides mom's careful hands. But it seems to have turned out alright. Although it took less than fifteen minutes. So hopefully she didn't just take out a chunk of hair in the back of my head that I can't see and no one has had the courage to tell me about. ;)

So when I've sent snail mail letters previously on Tuesdays, how long does it take to get to the fam? Umm, so Mom, you were saying you like hearing details. So after this week I will have filled up the first planner, so I will send that home to you guys so you can get a little better of a glimpse how life goes here.

It's cool to look out the window of our building we live in and see the Y on the mountain. So close to BYU, yet so far away. Ha.

Mom, could you check on Facebook, contactify Austin Glaus and ask when Zach and Lynzie get back from their missions? I am curious as to whether I'll see Lynzie while I'm out in the field.

So in gym, I either play four-square (yeah, it's intense), play basketball, or think about running. OK, occasionally I will. Very rarely though. Probably should do that more thought.

Oh, and Mom, could you look up that address from Elder Widtsoe about Czechoslovakia. I would love to have that.

Also, how many teachers did each of you have when you were in the MTC? How many students were in your class? And Mom, where was your classroom on campus?

It's pretty cool, I've also seen Elder Cannon Clark around several times. He heads out in a coupl weeks.

It's really nice--I haven't missed not having a phone or not getting on Facebook at all. Well, besides when our teacher got on one time while we were doing personal study.

Also, what did your time at the MTC consist of when you were here...back in the day? hehe.

Well, one reason to look forward to the field is that I will walk off the ten pounds I've gained while here. Ha. It's bound to happen.

I love seeing the senior couples. They're so cute. Yea, I said cute. I think that'd be cool one day. I think I'd personally buy an electric wheelchair to zoom around everywhere in, but that's just me. ;)

And deal, Mom. I'll work on thinking "I Can Do This." It's a good attitude to have.

Sorry my thoughts are kinda all over the place. My head is kinda in a daze today.

It was great to go to the temple today. We helped out with sealings. That was sweet! Oh, I love that families can be "spolu navzdy" (together forever).

I miss all of you, but I'll see you soon enough. Did little bro and sis get my letters I sent to them? hope you like the Slovak. And I'm eager to hear more about the juicy details of life.

One of my favorite talks from General Conference was Elder Holland's. It's so true. There's actually very few talks in Conference, but everyone who listens, willing to learn, are able to find something that the Spirit intends just for them. And Dad, I agree--it was way weird not chillin' with you during Priesthood session and going for our Wendy's frosty run after. But we'll have more in two years. :)

It's interesting. Since the Czech Prague mission is one that is a 25-month mission due to how transfers work there, I just barely started my two years as of a couple of days ago. Pretty cool.  Another month I'll be able to serve with better language skills.

Dad, it was really cool to hear the story of your path to getting baptized. I don't think I recall hearing that before.

Well, this week I've learned that I can make a difference although I'm not in the field. I'm so happy to be out here and to be learning how to help people come to Christ and have happier lives. The gospel's true. I know that without a doubt. It was great to hear President Monson speak. He is a prophet of God. I know this.

Alright, so here's who's spoken [at the MTC] devotionals: Brother Williams, President Robert Daines (Provo Temple President), Elder Kent F. Richards, Richard I Heaton (Administrative Director of the Provo MTC), Elder Richard J. Maynes, Elder Claudio R.M. Costa, Elder James M. Dunn (emeritus Seventy), and Vai Sikahema.

I think it'd be great if you could keep the letters I send home all together. Yeah, I'm sentimental like that. Also, are you and little guy completely better from the deep cough deal you had going on last week? That is interesting about his dreams he's had*. He's a great little guy. I'll keep my siblings in my prayers.

Oh, and Dad, what is your sister's address so I can send her a thank you?

Alright, I love you all. I will write you next week, same as usual.

Love you. Keep the faith. Elder Bezas

* Our little guy had two dreams in which he saw the Savior's return to the earth.