Monday, April 4, 2011

Letters we mailed WAY early so they would be there when Paul arrived in Slovakia!

Because it takes a while for mail to arrive in Slovakia, especially packages, we wrote and mailed a box of goodies that can welcome Elder Bezas when he arrives in the mission home in Slovakia. We had fun finding zany things to put in the box. It was a pretty big box. :) Here are the letters we each wrote and included in the box. They are included her in this order: from his sister, his little brother, his Mom, and his Dad

Welcome to Slovakia! Congrats! I bet you are feeling so many emotions. (That's a good sign that you're normal!) LOL. Tell me what is it like there? Tell me everything! How you thought getting on the plane, what you thought before that? After you got there? What you thought about your surroundings? What you thought about getting our letters? Tell me everything? LOL. Haha. So right now while I have been writing this, Mom was looking at google translater to help Stephen write something in Slovak (if that is how you spell that) and she said, and I quote, "Wow..." Haha. She saw "congratulations" on Google translater; it had like 40 letters for just that word! LOL. Man! So I just got your letters from General Conference. And I love reading letters from you! They made my day while it was been stressful!!!! Anyway, I hope you like it there!!! Love, your sis. P.S. We love you, Elder Bezas. Your sis.


USA. USA. USA. USA. Vitajte to Slovakia and gratulujem and i hope you are loveing it there. i...i don't know what to write really. i guess i should say that i hope that you are enjoying slovakia like you enjoy the u.s. here! Love, your bro...wish you were here...kidding!

We are so excited for you. You have begun a grand adventure. And you are here because of all your hard work. Do you know what that means? THAT YOU CAN DO THIS. Ignore the weariness of travel. Ignore the purple and brown butterflies hitting themselves against the walls of your stomach. :0) Ignore the strain of how heavy your luggage was. (Hopefully your luggage made it with you! If not that would be another grand story to add to your arsenal.) Just think of all the fun you'll have telling all these stories to YOUR children around the dinner table! :0) Seriously, you may be worried about the language. But it comes to me now 2 things: 1) Re-read your '1st night at the MTC' letters. The promises and counsel in them still apply :0) Perhaps even more so now. 2) I felt so strongly to tell you God knows you right now. He knows where you're sitting right now. He knows exactly what you're thinking, feeling, seeing, everything! Can you get that? Isn't that amazing? You know what this means? It means He has everything all ready and in order for you. So here's your assignment: watch carefully everything your trainer does. He was once new in the mission field, that means he knows about everything. And you can trust him. I can say this in confidence because of your stake president's blessing when you were set apart: to trust your trainer. I don't remember all the words, but I got the sense you're going to be given a good trainer. So I think your biggest assignment this 1st month is NOT the language, is NOT the new schedule, is NOT learning how to be a real missionary. No, none of that. I believe your first assignment from the Lord is actually HUMILITY. Can you see why this would be the case, whether halfway through or as a senior? Humility is that which opens the doorway to the spirit. You DON'T need a flawless tongue/language to share the gospel! Remember what was said in Conference? When the one quote was given: Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary use words. So my son, your greatest characteristic is not your language; it's your in-tune-ness to the Spirit. It's the glow on your face. It's your humble efforts to share your testimony, even if in new Slovak. Remember, the language may SEEM the most visual part of serving in Slovakia...but THAT IS AN ILLUSION. Picture with me if you will 2 missionaries: one speaks flawlessly, but carries no spirit; the other speaks no Slovak yet radiates the pure love of Christ. Is it desirable to continue language studies? Of course, but only because progression is God-like. Really, would you rather rely on language ability...or rely on the Spirit? So just give it a go, but do remember Christ as the Son of God leaned on His Father in all things. You be a good boy/son, like Christ was--loving those people there and all will be fine. I'm rather jealous of them because I think most will fall in love with your sweet gentle ways and will give you the support you need. They've been through so much, it would seem! OK, well, homesickness will rear it's ugly head from time to time. It's to be expected. Simply "snaffu" Satan by forgetting yourself and getting to work. Remember to laugh EVERY DAY, pray, and serve in every way and all things will work to your good. We are proud of you, Paul. The 1st Bezas ever to serve in Europe with some of the lost tribes of Israel! Fique Firme! D&C 121:7-9. Trust God in all things. You'll be so glad you did. Love, Mom.

April 4, 2011
Dear Elder Paul Bezas, OK, so you now have your first mission field story to tell about the hours of long flight and then checking in at the customs in the airport will have to write and tell us. Add lots of detail. Wow, this is exciting. I am with you in spirit and I wish I could be with you and go to each farm door with you. We love you and look forward to hearing about how you could not understand a single world! I remember in my first week as my companion was teaching in Portuguese and I felt like I could not understand a word. I took a step farther and fell asleep in the discussion, because my brain was so taxed by the trip and trying to understand. OK, so if you felt like you learned lots in the MTC then the next two months will give you great learning. Enjoy the ride. Throw your hands up high as the roller coaster takes you . Take the questionnaire and apply it to the field. Talk about companions, 1st house, mission president, the trip to your first area, the weather, your first meal and anything else that you can think. Remember that most of these letters will come back to you and be part of your memories. OK? We love you. Can you feel it? Great. Now go to work. :) Love, Dad.