Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Here is the third email we received from Elder Bezas. Much of it is in response to a survey we'd sent him. Ah, so good to hear from him!

Alright, I finally got on! OK, so to answer questions. We check the mail twice a day. Once after lunch and once after dinner. Elder Marshall and I sing the Mail Song from Blue's Clues every time. "Here's the mail, it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail, when it comes I want to wail MAILLLLLL!" Yeah! That's how we do. :)

Oh, so that's every day besides Saturday. They close after lunch, and so we just check it once. And we obviously don't check it on Sundays. Anywho.

Oh, so I did read the letters you guys gave me the first night. Thank you so much! I love you guys.

And yes, little bro, there was a conversation about my "butt-flap" kind of suit. Ha. There are other elders with the same kind. I'm growing accustomed to it. :)

To answer your other questions, the branch presidency leaders are great. I met with the branch president on Sunday, which really helped with my morale. The atonement isn't just for our sins. The grace of Christ has an enabling power. It will help us. Look up 'grace' in the Bible Dictionary. Really cool.

I liked your MTC/in-the-field-food joke, Stephen.

Mom, I love when you guys write me every day. It is so great getting mail. such a boost. I've said that before. OH, well.

With photos, I forget whether I covered this in the last message, but I can't connect my camera with these computers. So I'll either mail the SD card before I leave to you guys, or wait until I get to the field to email those to you. And calling me Elder Bezas or Paul is all good. Whatever you prefer. :)

Sis, feel free to borrow my books. And I feel ya with the cell phone and social life. But life will go on, I promise you. :) You can make it! And I love the commercial you guys did. So cool! Wish I could have seen it. Did you record it. And I have seen Elder Kezele a lot! His language classroom is just down the hall from me in the Spencer W. Kimball building on the top floor. I love that manboyelder. It's sweet to see a familiar face.

Mom, keep going with the learning Slovak. That's super chill.

And yes, we have heard about the traumatic things that have happened to the people in Japan. I feel for them. And thanks for fwd'ing Elder Hyde's letter. That was awesome. And I have been getting mail from friends. It's great! :) I love hearing from people.

In relation to singing in General Conference, one of our elder's asked and they haven't told us either way yet. So I still don't know. But I have been singing in the regular choir which performs at the devotionals. I love those! It's just like constant EFY with the gospel. super chill.

Tvoj brat = your brother.

I liked how after writing last week about seeing the mountains you wrote about that in a letter, Mom. It's so true.

With the visa, I don't know when we'll find out about those. But I don't think our area has too much trouble getting them.

So it's weird. I get more sleep than I did at home, but I feel way more tired all the time. And Dad was right; I like the non pinstripe suit better. But they're both good. I'm just bummed the button is coming undone on two of the pairs of pants. Not too bad. But I will have to resew those in the next couple months.

OK, so Dad's survey answers. There are six languages in our branch: English, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Croatian. Maybe Polish too. I forget. Our church meetings are in English since we have so many languages in there that it would be interesting translating for all of them.

What building were you in, Mom, for your classes in the MTC? Around 45 elders and six sisters in our branch.

Best things about the MTC is the buffet of food. And gym period. And the firesides and devotionals. Worst thing? hmmm. Not enough sleep time, but that's normal for mission life anyway. Go to bed at 10:30. Actually fall asleep around eleven. I wish it would be sooner. I would rate the food at about a 4/5. Best meal I've had is chicken cordon bleu. No need for Beano really. Slanina is bacon in Slovak; I guess that's the funniest thing I've learned to say. And my pronunciation for 'stvrtok' was correct. Sorry, mom. I still love you. :)

Eh, I don't know; I'll findout out if I brought too much when I weigh my stuff. Tuesday is p-day. 30 minutes on the computer on pday. Three teachers. All return missionaries. One is British: Bro Starling. Bro Van De Graff and Bro Baughman.

I've worn my Slovensko t-shirt. And Elder Genther wanted one like it. Elder Backer, Slovenian elder seriously wanted one. There are three zones in the mission. One all Czech. One half and half. Once completely in Slovakia. I might serve in the half-and-half one.

No shuttle to mall. Agh, only three minutes left. Use Czech Book of Mormon. The Slovak one is being edited now. Will probably come out while I'm serving. Triple combination in about five years.

I'm trying to think positive, but I've thought about the possibility if the eye problem crops up and causes me to have to serve stateside. I feel that I'd be ok with that. Thanks for your help mom and dad and sis and little bro. I love you all. Keep sending me DE.com letters. It really helps so much more than you know. :) Dobre rano!