Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 - Physical letter from Elder Bezas

Usually we receive an email on his p-day (preparation day where the missionaries wash their clothes, do service such as clean the toilets at the MTC, etc, and write letters). And then on Thursdays, we get a physical letter that he also wrote us on Tuesday. As his mother, I live for Tuesdays and Thursday! :0)

This particular letter was written on the back of a blue reimbursement form for another immunization he needed to get to go out of the country to serve. Before ever entering the MTC, the cost was already approximately $2000 to purchase his luggage, suits, and other materials he would need. After entering the MTC, each monthly cost will be $400. Since his mission is an unusual 25-month mission (they're typically 24-months long), his monthly costs will total $10,000. 

A mission is something Paul has wanted to do since he was a little boy, and he earned about $6500-7000 over the course of time to pay for his dream.

Here is this week's letter:

Hello! I love you all!

Alright, so here is the reimbursement form to give to insurance so that they pay for the Hep A shot (2nd of 2 doses) I got just the other day. Oh! Did we ever mail the typhoid shot receipt to insurance for them to pay for that one? The one I got a week or two before I left? Thanks for taking care of this. :)

Um, with 'to do's--ummm, I guess beginning of April, call the bank and have them issue a new card for my account so I'll have a card (that won't expire) for two years. Uh, let's see--I have been getting a breakfast at the temple after the session each time with the district. Hopefully that's ok.

Umm, also, when they cancel my old card if you could let me know soon thereafter via DE.com. I can't really think of too many other chores to do.

Thanks for all you guys do. The packages are great. :) I love getting the little cards from you all. I miss you immensely. This distance is causing my love for you to grow even stronger. It's a strength to know that even if some cataclysmic event occurs, I am sealed to my family and will be with them after this life.

Do I feel discouraged? Yes. A lot of the time. I doubt I will be able to learn the language or that I am an adequate teacher of the gospel of Christ. But I know that all I must do is continue trying and replace negative thoughts with positive ones, pray for help from the Spirit, and put my faith in the Lord. He can conquer all--for He already did.

Little bro, you are my favorite buddy! I love your laugh and your super long hug when we said goodby. I think of that all the time.

Sis, I love you and hearing about your days. Keep it coming. The church is true. God is there and He WILL be there for you. Trust Him. He wants the best for you, as do Mom and Dad.

Dad, I'm trying to learn new things. Thanks for your encouragement.

Mom, thanks for your letters as well. You lift me up.

I love you, wonderful family.

Elder Bezas