Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Wow. Another week gone! It goes quick! Thanks for all of the support y'all give me. Each day is a different experience.

So this week. I was pooped on. By a bird. What are the odds? Ha. I just had to laugh. We were talking to someone outside their garage and I just felt this blast on the back of my head. I don't know how it was the back of my head. But yeah. So I look behind me, thinking it was something someone threw. I saw no one. So then I felt the back of my head. Looked at my hand and saw grainy stuff. Yuck. And another shot to my shoulder. But I wasn't out for the count. Kept going. But truly hilarious. How many missionaries can say they've been attacked by birds with poop. How many people in their wholes lives can say they have been pooped on by a bird. Is this something someone can normally be proud of? Maybe not. Do I care? Of course not. I will stand proudly. Elder Bezas. No birds can deter me. :)

Also- we thought it was great. So as we're walking- there are those who honk and wave at us. Positive. Also those who yell derogatory remarks as they drive by. Nice. Ha. Anywho. It's normally naughty curse words. But we had the best one on Saturday. Someone yelled out their window, "Losers!" We just laughed. It was great. They had great volume. Diction was stellar. And they chose "Losers?" :) Made our day. We'll meet opposition. But we're up for it. Plus with all the early saints faced, how can I complain with what we face. This is nothing. Plus I just find it humorous. People take time out of their day to tell me I'm a loser. Nope. I'm serving God and my fellow brothers and sisters in this mission. Yeah! :)

Anywho. Thank you for the package and the mp3 cord. We have put it to good use in the car. We're so blessed. A car. :) How many missionaries around the world get one of those? During the last week or so we have been doing a lot of walking. We went over our mileage allotment last month. Man- this last Friday we were walking to another township (they're all pretty small) in our area and walking back was super tiring. Whew. We had been fasting but we decided we needed some water before we died. So maybe that's why you felt you should pray on that Friday, Mom?

So we've been on a lot of exchanges. The assistants went on exchanges, the zone leaders, and the district leader this week. Oh boy. I love learning from those who have more experience than me. 

So we had stake conference a week ago Sunday. President Eyring presided and spoke. It was so cool hearing about how in a lot of this area it used to be branches and meetings took place in libraries and other buildings. It's amazing how the work has grown in this region, from what he was speaking on. 

So one of our investigators told me recently that I sound exactly like Kevin Spacey. Or that Kevin Spacey sounds exactly like me. ;) Your thoughts?

Ok so the Taska bag you bought me is great... But on long walks it seems to stress my back with the weight of my scriptures and stuff in there. So I still plan on using it on Sundays and for zone conferences and the like... But I was curious if y'all could look in one of those boxes of stuff I packed up and find the Jansport dark blue backpack I have and ship that out with the package you were putting together? I love you all. I do love the bag. But maybe using it in moderation?

So I love this ward! Our ward mission leader was released this sunday and is now the Elder's Quorum President! Bummer! He was great in that previous calling. But he'll do well in his current calling. And we have been teaching one of our investigators at President Vai Sikahema's home with his family. It's funny how it's such a small world. When he came and spoke at the MTC I never thought I'd know him personally and that he'd live in my mission boundaries... and in the ward boundaries where I'm serving. They invited us over for Memorial Day festivities but because we were short on miles at the end of the month we couldn't go over on pday. Such a nice family. Did President Sikahema call you on sunday? He asked for our home numbers when we taught over there Sunday.

Oh and your letter mom that you sent on Wednesday came here on Saturday. Since they didn't deliver mail yesterday dad's letter came today.

So an interesting insight I had from training in Broomall, PA from the 17th-19th. Alma the younger saw an angel, who told him to stop going about destroying the church. Later in Alma chapter 5, maybe verse 45? 46? I forget. But he says that the way that he gained his testimony was through much fasting and prayer. Marvelous visions or signs are not what build testimony. That doesn't take much effort on our part. We have to put forward the effort of wanting to know for ourselves - so much that we put in the time. We have to read the scriptures. We have to apply what it teaches into our lives. We have to change ourselves, in order to become more like Christ. As we then pray and come to church, amongst other things. That's how we come to have a stronger belief or testimony of the truth. Like John 7:17. We have to do the doctrine to know whether it's of God.

It's amazing to see the changes that occur in peoples' lives that come from living the gospel. One mother who's son was confirmed on Sunday wants to make sure her younger children grow up with the gospel, and has asked us on ways to be able to do so. She's been reading the scriptures to her youngest. I shared how you did that with me and the difference I really do think that makes. Even when it seems that they are too young to understand.

Philly was cool! I got a cheap bling watch and Phillies hat. Both orange. I'm discovering orange is my favorite color...with blue as my secondary. But I'm not a Boise State bandwagoner. :) We went to the Rocky steps outside the art museum. I got a picture of the Slovak flag on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. We saw the liberty bell. I just realized all those stamps with the liberty bell are of something that's within my mission. Pretty chill. Independence Hall was sold out of tickets. We also got cheese steaks. Legit Philly Cheese steaks. At a place called the Reading Market or something by the conference center? We also went to the temple site. Right now it's just a parking lot. But that will change. :) Oh, Philly. I want to serve in the city some day. We'll see. There are children of God everywhere so it's all good.

I love you all! Never give up! The gospel works! We just have to trust it. I will try to write a physical letter to mail next week. :) Thanks for all you do and your prayers and the prayers of those you have shared are praying for me. It helps. Although we all have our different concerns and are unique, the Gospel of Christ can help us and is what unifies us. Only the Gospel will bring peace to the world.

At Stake Conference, the closing hymn was God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again. That is probably my favorite hymn now. It will be the mission hymn in my heart. I miss you. I entrust you to God's care while I am absent. I tear up each time I sing that now. I remember Jordan Kezele's farewell and singing it there, sitting with you. I couldn't sing for half of it. I will see you when it is the right time to see you. I am where I'm supposed to be. I love you, my wonderful family. Until we write again, keep Beaming Bright!

Your son and brother,

Elder PBeezy

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Well hey there!

Another week over.



Okay so it was pretty crazy/cool/hectic/relaxed this week. So the weekend before, a week ago Thursday I  went on an exchange with Elder White in the same district. Crazy small world. Why one might ask? Because his cousin is Challis... Oh and when he was young, he hung out with Shelby... No way! How'd I find this out - reading a letter from Shelby whilst in the car with Elder White. Shelby said - "I don't know if you know him... but there's an Elder White I knew growing up, in the Philly mission." Who'da thunk I'd be in the car with just such an Elder White. Crazy. :)

So I sent off the sd card. I didn't send the page with people's names you wanted mom, but I'll work on that this next week. So this last week, Tuesday through Thursday, I was in Broomall, PA with the new missionary training run by President and the Assistants. It was about the new curriculum the MTC is rolling out, made up of 8 lessons on how to be better missionaries and teach through the Spirit more. It was amazing. I just loved it. I learn so much from these things. President is so cool. I love him. And then Tuesday and Wednesday night we went tracting in Philly (by the University). Oh, I think it'd be cool to serve there. Talked to some cool people, and set up an appointment with one individual we talked to who goes to three different churches
each week. Really sincere guy.

This week we also gave blessings to the parents of one of our recent converts. It's amazing how much peace the Spirit brings into a home. It's just a sweet experience being an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

Ok - Brett Maughan gets a paragraph all his own. This is my shout out - Brett Maughan you manly man you! I loved the package. Thank you so much! I received a ginormous giggle fest at the contents. And thanks for the famous white iPod. Haha. I laughed so hard. :) Thank you! :)

Ok - So this green drink you sent... I'm sure it's healthy. I'm sure it's very very very healthy and that I might develop super human powers if I continue inserting it into my body. I just don't know if it's worth it. I whipped it up the other night... and almost threw up. Twice. Ha. But I'll try my best. Wow. Anywho. Ha. I love you guys.

So on Saturday, Elder Daley was really sick, so we stayed inside. So I cleaned, read some from the Book of Mormon and yeah. Oh yeah, I did laundry too. Oh and the world didn't end, like it "supposedly" was going to, according to that guy from that radio station in California. (Go figure how it was such a big trend here on the east coast). Did you hear about that? May 21st being the end and all that?

But yeah - it was really different. Staying in all day. I knew that we weren't in the wrong. He couldn't go out. Bless his heart. But I still felt like I wasn't doing all I could that day. It helped me see what it would be like (in a fashion) to come home. I am where I'm supposed to be. I wouldn't have it any other way. It may be hardish on some days. But this is the best work I'll ever be engaged in (D&C 15). I want to help these people. It helped me decide what my motivation for coming out was/is now. My motive is a bit more altruistic. I'll talk more about that next week.

So this morning as I got up from saying my personal prayer... my vision was pretty cloudy. I was worried that the eye bad mojo business was acting up and taking on new form/symptoms. But then I realized I had just been pressing on my eyes while praying, so it went away within a minute or two. But during that minute before I realized what it truly was- I caught myself thinking- "What? How can this happen to me? Why me? I'm going about doing the Lord's work? Why? This isn't supposed to happen to me." But then I realized- Wait, what is it I'm telling people all the time- that Christ suffered through His Atonement so that we can have His help with us always. He knows exactly how we feel when we suffer and He knows perfectly how to comfort us. This is an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Do I really trust Christ can help me get through all trials? All things will result in good for those that follow God (Romans 8:28). I just need to trust Him. This life is short. How can I waste it in complaining. And then I realized it was just momentary from rubbing my eyes. Whew. But still. My testimony was strengthened. 

So today we're joining a couple other elders and going to Center City in Philly and seeing Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and some other cool stuff for PDay. I'll make sure to take lots of pics. :)

Another cool experience we had this week was  praying about a mother and daughter's baptismal date. We realized we needed to push it back a few weeks because we couldn't realistically teach everything in the amount of time we have left. So we prayed about it- deciding between the two new dates. Felt it out. Prayed again. It was really cool actually being able to feel the impression of the Spirit, being more present when considering the one date over the other. The sooner date felt right, which didn't make sense because that  would give us less time to teach them- but the Spirit knows best. We trusted the Spirit and presented the date and it worked out great. :) The Spirit knows best. We just need to trust him. I love you all. I probably won't be able to write until next week. Love y'all!

Elder Bezas

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Hey family!

Well, another week has passed! Oh boy! It's flying! Week four in the field! Wow! Anywho. Ok, so random tangent. So my left knee was originally scuffed up a week or two before I left for the MTC. Once in the MTC it scabbed over and completely healed. Then- a fellow elder went for a piggy back and I wasn't quite prepped for it. I fell and scuffed it again. Same spot. So then it scabbed over and I scuffed it again in our room. Dang. Yeah. So then it scabbed over again and then one night here in the field something caught on the scab and... you guessed it! Scuffed it again. So four times! Ha. It just doesn't want to heal.

Anywho. So questions. Dad- did you get the picture from a family here in the ward of my comp and I when they had us over for dinner yesterday? The Rigby's have a son serving in Jerome currently. Crazy small world. And did you receive the package I sent from the MTC right before I left there? 

Oh, to answer your question, Mom, there is a blender in our apartment. I found that this morning. :)

So this last Friday, we had a Zone Conference combined with the Philly zone. An Elder Smith, the area authority came and spoke to us and gave us some training, along with the usual from President Schaefermeyer and the Assistants. It was great! I love Zone Conferences! (Now that I know what they are made up of.) We spent a lot of our time focusing on a specific aspect of Our Purpose.

We had two baptisms yesterday! Oh such a great experience. The Spirit is so strong! No wonder why. Heavenly Father is so pleased with those who are taking the steps to grow closer to Him. He only wants to strengthen us and help us find the path back to Him. It's so cool to see the positive changes in peoples' lives that come from doing things the Lord's way and striving to improve and better  themselves.

I'd say my biggest struggle right now is feeling that I still struggle with teaching with the Spirit. I feel that I don't know enough to adequately help these people in their journey towards God. I hear their concerns... but I feel that I fall short in remembering to listen to the Spirit and sharing with them the principles of the Gospel that will sincerely help them with their specific needs. It's just frustrating. But I guess that's why we're here on earth- to learn. :)

The homesickness is getting better and better with time. I still miss you all, but it's tolerable.

I love you all. You're so great! I can really feel your support for me. I'll answer your letters by snail mail.

P.S. I was surprised in one of sis’s last letters about her saying how she loved me. I guess I just never reallly realized that she really did. Idk... Sad but I guess that's a good thing about a mission. I'm discovering things. Like my sister loving me. :)

May 16, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Well, hello family!

Did you get an email from someone in this ward about the Mutual activity last week? It was Missionary Appreciation Night! We were given our favorite cereal, 3 boxes of cans of food, and posters that people wrote on and an ice cream bar. It was great! Our ward here loves the missionaries! That was a cool morale booster. I included pics of the group and the poster. Elder Daley and I each got one.

That's awesome with Dad and sis hiking! Super duper. Practice is great! It won't be as hard that way on trek! So sis, little bro says you're wearing my old suit. I'm curious - what might he be talking about? I'm cool with it - just curious. (MOM INTERJECTS: His sister had to borrow a suit for a play and chose to borrow his. I just realized we never answered his question!)

To answer your question, Rachel - I like having a talkative companion. It makes it easier for a quiet guy like me. But he said he used to be quiet - so there's hope! Ha. :0) And Mom, I'm glad you liked the rose I sent you in the letter for Mother's Day. Hopefully it wasn't too crumbly by the time it got there. Little bro, how are you? I heard you went for yogurt! What flavors did you get? And I'm there for you, buddy! You're still my buddy. I'll come back for both you and sis in 2 years - less than that. 21 months! :0) It'll zoom by. I'll be there.

I'll right! I love you all! Keep it chill and I'll speak to you soon! Oh and I thought it was amazing what you said, Mom, about being right in sync with me feeling lifted. That's super cool!

Your son and brother,

Elder PBeezy

P.S. Tuesday through Thursday this week I'll be in Broomall for "goldens" for training. I'll explain more in email next week. Also, I received the packet one normally receives in advance when called to this mission. I can send most of it to you. :0)

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Sunday, May 8, 2011, we had the privilege to talk with Elder Bezas by phone. It was Mother's Day and he'd called home to talk with us all. What a treat. It was a beautiful experience and we love this fine young man, who is seeking to set aside his personal life, goals, and dreams for two years to serve others and to teach about the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course there have been some adjustments, being away from home for the first time in a big way, but as you'll see in this email, the homesickness is becoming less and less. Here is Elder Bezas's email...

So little Anthony was confirmed yesterday. Yay! And we have another awesome young man who's getting baptized this week. It's cool to see the work progress. We're going over to teach their family tonight. 

The home sickness is starting to get better. It was so great to talk with all of you on the phone yesterday. I didn't feel home sick that much at the MTC. Possibly because it's so sheltered there/still familiar (Provo)/close to home. I don't know. But it definitely hit hard out here. But it was amazing the contrast between feeling so far away from home... and how close you all felt while on the phone with you. 

I just struggle with feeling like I need to be perfect and get it all down pat now! But that's not realistic. I realize that. I just need to get it in my head. 

So, little bro, you got into your new school! That's awesome! Way to go! You excited?? Nervous?? It's something new. It might seem scary, but the Lord will help us overcome all our challenges and trials. You can do this, little guy! I love you buddy. And you know what? I realized I didn't spend enough time with you and sis before I left. So when I get back- we're playing catch every day! k? Sound good? 

I realized this more this week as we watched Finding Faith in Christ with an investigator. It just clicked. Christ performed the atonement so that we can overcome our weaknesses. Faith  helps us carry on. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. He performed miracles then. 

They still happen today. My trainer said that I've made progress even in the last two weeks I've been here. I'm glad. It's hard for me to see my own progress. I'm trying to make life easy on him. 

So sis!!! How are things? So the play's done. Did you have show choir tryouts already? Whatever happens, know you are awesome. I love you and care about you. Reserve some time when I get back- we're hitting up our fav yogurt shop!
Dad- so I looked and the neighbor across the street still has the flag. Oh you and Google earth. You sly one. Ha. Thanks for your support. You are my example in hard work. Thanks for supporting the family so well.
Mom- you're awesome. Thanks for what you do. Oh by the way, I found the SD card. But it said it didn't have any video files on it. Are you sure it was in .AVI format? That's what my camera uses. I'll check my comp's camera. See if it works in his. 

I love you all. You're the best. I'm happy to be here. it's just hard some days. I just want to do good. I'm realizing I just put my effort out there and the Lord does the rest. Ran into a woman the other day. She said, "Oh, you're mormons right? Holy trinity. The one true God. Christ is my savior. You have the wrong religion! I'm just so sad they force you to come out here on these missions. Find God." That was funny. Well, I was my usual quiet self and just kept going. I know I believe in Christ. It's just interesting how people can misunderstand. We are christian. Christ is our savior. Whenever it gets confrontational, the Spirit is gone

The gospel is amazing. I have to make this time count and share it. I love you all. I'll read your letters and write back via snail mail. have a great week!
Elder PBeezy

And here is Elder Bezas's letter to his mission president this week:

Well, hi there President!

This week is going better. Yes. I still miss my family. But it was great to be able to speak to them yesterday. I feel that I can do this. The Lord will help me. :) Thanks for all of your help.

The other night after an appointment I was just on a spiritual high, feeling that this is why I'm here. To help others find Christ through the Gospel. Oh it's worth it. It's just hard sometimes but we just have to push through. I love Jacob 4:5-6. God allows us to experience weakness so we turn to Him. I pray for you and hope you are feeling great!

Have a great week!

Elder Bezas

May 9, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

I don't know why, but today was different. I felt lifted. Sure I still miss you all. But it feels more settled. It really helped - what you said about you not going anywhere. That constancy really helps. I can do this, knowing you'll still be there when I finish.

So little bro - the weather is more humid. Some days more than others. Maybe FL will remain forever "more" humid in my memory, but this seems less so. :) It rains occasionally, not every day though. And yeah, it would be cool if I end up using Slovak. :)

And mom, I didn't get the letter from me to Pres. Irwin. But I do have a copy of it. :) Did you include something else with it?

Wow, sis, so trek's coming up! That's exciting! You happy about it? or nervous? How are you feeling? Sorry about the show choir auditions. Things happen for a reason. God has something better planned for you in the long run. And your script was SELECTED?!!!? That's so cool! What's the story about? I want the details! I know it can be sad that the play is over, but trust that God can provide a brighter, happier future than the past. Because He can. All the fun you had this year, He can give you more. Do things His way. Put Him first and He'll give you a good future!It's not cold here currently. Warming up. My companion is awesome! He's really supportive and helping me adjust. I contacted a couple of the Czech elders and gave my address to them. :) Love you, sis.

And little bro, you're awesome! I'll be back before you become a deacon. How cool is that?

Dad, I actually have [the article] "Beauty from Ashes," so you can save the ink from sending it again. Thanks for what you said! I love you, Dad. You are the best! I adore you.

Mom, I'll send the memory card next p-day! :) I love you! You are so selfless. I feel you on the streets with me. Your support doesn't feel that far away.

Part of the reason I am feeling the strength to stick it out is you both went through missions and made it through. I can. The Lord will help.

Little bro, I'll be at your first Priesthood session at Conference! How cool is that?

And tell the seminary class I loved their letters. We both did! Tell them the future is bright. Don't let the past define them. They each have something unique to offer the world. Don't let Satan trick you. You have royal within you. You are children of God. Share yourself and your joy with others. Christ can be your friend.

Your son, Elder Paulbert Bezas

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Letters from Seminary Kids to Elder Bezas

The following are letters from some terrific seminary kids written to Elder Bezas and his companion, Elder Daley. The seminary kids and I had talked about what missions are like...definitely NOT like playing video games all day! 

What sweet kids! And how profound their thoughts they wrote to these two outstanding missionaries/young men...

Elder Bezas,

I know the Lord is so grateful for the sacrifice you have made to serve Him. The Lord will strengthen you as you serve. He asks that you give all you have to Him, but if you do, you have no need to worry about whether it's enough. The Lord will do the rest. He asks you to love, give service, and open up your mouth so that He can speak through you to His children who have become lost. Through you the Lord's love for His children becomes evident.

Elder Bezas,

You will do many and great things for the Lord. You remind me of when Ammon goes to preach to the Lamanites and that he baptized many people, which I  believe you will do. Thank you for all you do! The Lord loves you and hopes for the people to soften their hearts. Keep up the Amazing work.


Elder Bezas,
A story that I most remember through the D&C are the three 18-year-olds that carried everyone across the river. It was cold and hard...yet they did it. They stood strong, just like you should be. :0)


Elder Bezas,
Isaiah 60:1-11. "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound..."
You were called and you accepted, therefore, that makes you strong. God is with you always and if you are having a hard time, reach out to him, he will help you. He is your loving Heavenly Father and wants you to be happy and be strong in the Church and in your testimony. He will help you touch the lifes that you are meant to touch and bring to the Church. You are where you are supposed to be at this time and you are physically and spiritually ready for this. The Lord would not have had you go yet if you had not have been ready. The Lord works in mysterious ways, trust in him.


Elder Bezas,
You are a worthy missionary serving the Lord and the Lord needs all of our help. We will all go through trials and tribulations, but we can always turn to the scriptures and turn to prayer. If we pray always, the adversary will not be able to harm us in any way. You can be guided by prayer. Do the right thing and you should never doubt yourself.


Dear Elder Bezas,
You're lucky to have your mom. She's so awesome. And you can see it in her eyes, when she talks about you, she really believes in you. And she should, because you are going to do so many amazing things on your mission and bless so many families and individuals. Some one you teach on your mission is going to be baptized and go on to glorify you. Never lose faith, and never give up your testimony because it's the strongest weapon in the world.


Dear Elder Bezas,
Hey this is [name]. I went to school with you and to seminary with you. And I know you are strong enough to conquer Satan, do what's right and in the long run you will beat him. Keep at it.


Dear Elder Bezas,
We are all so proud of you. That you are serving the Lord. Heavenly Father knows your struggles and is there for you. He has saved you for this time to come and teach his work. In D&C 31:3 it says: "Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation." You were saved to come forth now and continue God's teachings and journey. You are on the right path and everyone thanks you for your wonderful service! Keep seeking the truth and God will show you the way."


And these were the letters to my son's mission companion, Elder Cory Daley:

Dear Elder Daley,
Hello. My name is [name] and I hope to be a missionary when my time comes. I'm supposed to bring to your mind the missionaries of the past, but I think you know them better than me, but my favorite is Mormon. Mormon spent his life preaching and serving a people who would not listen, but he never gave up. He knew the worth of souls and he loved his people. His courage is astounding to me. I hope this reaches you in good health. Remember that God will never leave you out alone in your work. From a hopeful friend,

Elder Daley,
You may not know me, but I just want to let you know how awesome it is that you're doing the Lord's work. Just remember when you're out, the Lord never promised it would be easy, He only promised it would be worth it. Jeremiah 1:17-19.


Dear Elder Daley,
I am going to draw you a picture because I love that you are helping the world. :) Missionaries are the best. [picture drawn] You are the sunshine in someone's life right now. Thank you. :)

Dear Elder Daley,
Thank you for being on the Lord's errand. You are being blessed right now by Him because you are following His commandment. Many of us have callings in which we are given by the Lord himself and this is your calling from Him. There's a scripture verse that is in the Doctrine and Covenants that I really like and maybe you would like it too. It's in Section 88, verses 83-84. I hope that everything is going well with you and Elder Bezas. Your companion is a great friend. Thanks for your example. Sincerely,


Elder Daley,
You don't know me, but I wanted to tell you thank you for your service. Even though it may be a struggle at times Heavenly Father has blessed you with his power. Doctrine and Covenants 68:4 testifies of this. You have been given a great opportunity. Everyone you have taught or will teach will be impacted by your spirit, even if they do not become a member. The scriptures will console and inspire you no matter how much you are struggling. Thank you for being willing to serve your Church.

Elder Daley,
Thank you so much for all you do, and for being willing to serve the Lord in such a way. Missionary work is such an amazing way to gain your own testimony of this gospel. I know that you are being extremely blessed, and so is your family. :) Thank you.
P.S. Favorite scripture: Words of Mormon 1:7


Elder Daley,
What you are doing is AWESOME! My cousin is going on a mission to Peru soon. Knowing that there are people willing to serve the Lord is a comforting thought. Missionaries change lives. They keep the truth growing. Don't let Satan conquer you. Sin makes you stupid. Keep doing what you're doing to stay strong! Sincerely,
K.A. (one of Sis. Bezas's seminary students)
P.S. [picture drawn of the Book of Mormon] This book is awesome and changed my life. I'm pretty sure it could change someone else's.

Elder Daley,
You are doing a great job and making a difference. So keep up the good work! We are so proud of you! Just think of all the blessings you are bringing to the people in New Jersey by sharing this beautiful gospel with them! You are so awesome! Never, never, never give up!!! We love you. God loves you. Keep up the good work!
M.Q. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Hey family!

We had success this week. A baptism. And able to give a blessing of comfort and annointing for the blessing of the sick. Cool stuff. Oh and on the trip over, I had bought a mini-blue copy of the Book of Mormon--just to keep--at the MTC. On the plane ride to Cincinnati there was a man who sat next to me who had been visiting his dad and had taken him to a doctor appt. He said his dad was getting better but worried for him.

I felt prompted to give the Book of Mormon to him--which I didn't want to do really--it was mine. But I heeded it and wrote a little something in the front cover and as he was getting out, I handed it to him and said that although I may not know all the details, i know it can be hard when you're worried about loved ones--and that this book helps give hope and makes it easier to get up each day. He thanked me and went his way. Hopefully he reads.

I hope you got my email. Hopefully it helped you in some way and that I'm not the only one befitting. I want to help you guys. I love you. I don't want to not make an impact. I want my mission to help you somehow. Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust the Lord. He has a better path lined out than we can dream up for ourselves. Sometimes it just take patience.

Your son who loves you very very much.

Elder Bezas

P.S. How'd your play go, sis? I'm rooting for you! How's scouts going Stephen? How's work going, Dad? How is the play submission going, Mom?

May 2, 2011: Delran, NJ

Well, we found out that he's not in Morristown, he's not in Moorestown...he's in Delran, New Jersey. But his assigned ward is the Moorestown, New Jersey ward! Here is a Q&A we emailed him, so he would have something from us his first week.

Q. How would you like to handle the Mother's day call? So excited for this!

A. Alright, so we'll call on Mother's day. I'm not quite sure at what time. We have church from 10-1pm our time, which is two hours ahead. So idk. So probably afterwards so y'all be home from church, which if I remember correctly is from 9-12 right? I'll try the home phone first.

Q. What is your companion's name and where is he from?
A. Elder Cory Daley (pronounced Daily). He is from around the Santa Rosa area in Caly.

Q. How long has he been out? What areas served in?
A. The other area he served in was Allentown, PA. May 8th, will make his 8 month mark. until the last transfer, he was in Allentown the whole time. So this will be his second transfer here.

Q. What was your meeting with President Schaefermeyer and the others when you first arrived?

A. Well, I'll answer my flight story later but Wednesday morning we had a meeting in the mission home where we went over 2 Nephi 31 and our purpose as missionaries.

Q. How many wards are you assigned to?
A. Just Moorestown.

Q. How do you feel about your new reassignment to Philly mission?

A. Well, I felt great about it before I came. I still feel ok about it now. It's just really really really hard transitioning.

Q. Are you happy you'll be close to a new eye doctor?
A. Yeah. It feels nice knowing. Although Philly's about an hour away ish. I have no idea how I'll set that appt up. The doc in SLC said he'd like sometime around August to September for me to be seen. Maybe you could call him and see what his thoughts are on the subject and then call the mission home to see about that. idk.

Q. Do you have to polish your shoes?

A. Oh yeah. Except I haven't done that yet on the mish. I need to though. Maybe later on today at the apt.

Q. I hope there won't be any more problems with your mission (from your little bro).

A. Little bro, you're a trooper. Thank you. Someday this will be you. :)

Q. What is the ugliest thing you've seen so far in Jersey? (from your sis)

A. Umm... poop. Jk. IDK. It's not too bad in this area!

Q. What is the best food you've eaten so far, and why? (from your sis)
A. There is an investigator who feeds us great food. He used to have a catering business. It reminds me of being home with dad's cooking. In a good way of course.

Q. What's your living conditions? apartment, sharing house, etc? More than one companionship in your place? (Dad)

A. Just one companionship in our apt. Kinda like a duplex.

Q. Do you walk anywhere or do you drive?

A. We have a car so we basically drive everywhere. But the mission had miles cut across the board, so we went from 1150 to 1025 per month. So yeah. And since we had to go to Broomall, PA to pick me up, that took us over the limit.

Q. What was it like getting to your apartment?

A. It was good. :) It was nice settling in.

Q. Have you caught up on sleep yet? Do you feel back to normal on sleep?
A. Ha, I never feel caught up on sleep. I'll catch up in two years. I'm going to bed at the regular time. It's just not feeling like enough.

Q. How do you think this week compares to, if you were your first week in Slovakia?

A. I mean I can understand everything people are saying. But it's still one of those things where I just feel quiet and it's not the MTC anymore. Probably less of a severe transition.

Q. What's your town like?
A. It's pretty green and it's got suburban and more city'ish a bit.

Q. Where is the nearest temple? What is the temple district you're in? Do you get a chance to go? How frequent?
A. We do not get the chance to go to the temple while on our missions. I think it's Wash DC.

Q. What's the best part of this past week?
A. Taking the sacrament.

Q. What is your goal for this coming week?
A. To get to the end of it.

[Here is the rest of our letter to Elder Bezas.]  
We love you. We are excited to get your mailing address!!!!!!! That way we can send you fun things. Lots and lots of people ask about you. You are well loved. And your life is no longer your own in a way. You are there for the Savior. As daddy told me this week, "he who does God's work gets God's pay." The reward comes sooner or it comes later, but it always comes.

I (Mom) have had a particularly tough week. And as of today, I'm glad I hung in there. So whether or not this is being easy currently for you, it WILL be worth it. Guard against depressed or discouraged thoughts. I'm learning they are selfish thoughts, because they focus the light we've been given on OURSELVES, not others. So again, serve, serve, serve. It will always yield dividends.

OK, enough for now. We love you!

The Bezas fam!
[Here is his email to us. One can tell it's being tough, the first week out in the field on the mission.]

Alright, well, almost first week in the field finished. Woot! 

So my trip out here was crazy. I was the only one in the district who had to get up before 4am to make the shuttle to SLC for my flight, since the rest don't leave until tomorrow for the Czech Republic. I, being the deep sleeper that I am, slept through my alarm and then someone else heard the front desk person on the intercom asking if there was an Elder Paul Bezas. They banged on the door and let me know. 

So I ended up traveling on the 5am shuttle to Salt Lake, ending up arriving around 540am. So I waited to see if a seat would open up on a flight leaving at 945am and that didn't work. So I got a ticket on a flight for Cincinnati leaving SLC at 240pm. Yeah, so that was a fun wait. :) Ha. So then I got into Cincinnati around 8pm. The flight headed for Philly was delayed because of weather and so it didn't leave until 1030pm. So I got into Philly around 1200am.

So then President Schaeffermeyer, his wife, and two of the three assistants were kind enough to meet me there. We then picked up my baggage, which was all there. and then we traveled the fifteen minutes or so to the mission home. I slept, and the next morning we had breakfast there and met together as the new missionaries with President, who spoke to us about our purpose and we discussed 2 Nephi 31, which basically goes right along with it. 

We then met our trainers at the chapel. Elder Cory Daley is my trainer! He is amazing. So friendly and great at talking with people and knows how to teach very well. We had a baptism this week. Little Anthony. His dad is a member. It was pretty cool to walk right into, being fresh in the field. My comp is good and tries to live by the rules so that's great! I just feel like I'm super quiet and can't think of things to say and I forget stuff that I should remember and it's just hard.

Had my first experience with street contacting and knocking doors. That was interesting. One woman said that asking someone about their religious beliefs is like asking them about their sex life. I had no idea. Ha. 

We passed out a Book of Mormon to one guy named Jerry. Hopefully he reads. :) Alright well, that's the weekly report from Jersey. I love the people who have the area accent. Thanks for the letters. They help. :) I pray for all of you every day. 

If you could send a report from the DMV of my driving record. I need that so I can be approved to drive at some point in the mission.

If you could write up what President Bertasso at the MTC and President Irwin said about me through their phone calls to you that'd be great and help me feel like I'm worth something, and that I can actually do something good here. My comp says I'm doing good. I just don't feel it. Feel free to write letters before next pday :)

Look for the mailing address to mail me stuff. Even just letters. That's great. I love you all. Hopefully all is well. I love you all. I'm on a mission. I should be strong so I can help others. I love you, sis and little bro. You are the best. Make sure to write and update me on life. I want to know how things are going. :)

I'll mail the sd card this week hopefully. I just need to develop pics at the walmart here. When I tried to develop my pictures before at the MTC the last time, it said that my order didn't go through.

I love you all. I way miss you. I wish I could be with you all. I realize I didn't fully appreciate the phone calls I had home from the MTC. I'm way looking forward to this one. It's hard right now. I know I owe it to Christ to be out here. He gave His life. I can't give two years? The other elders just seem to have a handle on it better. But my comp is nice and tries to help me feel better.

Elder Bezas