Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Wow. Another week gone! It goes quick! Thanks for all of the support y'all give me. Each day is a different experience.

So this week. I was pooped on. By a bird. What are the odds? Ha. I just had to laugh. We were talking to someone outside their garage and I just felt this blast on the back of my head. I don't know how it was the back of my head. But yeah. So I look behind me, thinking it was something someone threw. I saw no one. So then I felt the back of my head. Looked at my hand and saw grainy stuff. Yuck. And another shot to my shoulder. But I wasn't out for the count. Kept going. But truly hilarious. How many missionaries can say they've been attacked by birds with poop. How many people in their wholes lives can say they have been pooped on by a bird. Is this something someone can normally be proud of? Maybe not. Do I care? Of course not. I will stand proudly. Elder Bezas. No birds can deter me. :)

Also- we thought it was great. So as we're walking- there are those who honk and wave at us. Positive. Also those who yell derogatory remarks as they drive by. Nice. Ha. Anywho. It's normally naughty curse words. But we had the best one on Saturday. Someone yelled out their window, "Losers!" We just laughed. It was great. They had great volume. Diction was stellar. And they chose "Losers?" :) Made our day. We'll meet opposition. But we're up for it. Plus with all the early saints faced, how can I complain with what we face. This is nothing. Plus I just find it humorous. People take time out of their day to tell me I'm a loser. Nope. I'm serving God and my fellow brothers and sisters in this mission. Yeah! :)

Anywho. Thank you for the package and the mp3 cord. We have put it to good use in the car. We're so blessed. A car. :) How many missionaries around the world get one of those? During the last week or so we have been doing a lot of walking. We went over our mileage allotment last month. Man- this last Friday we were walking to another township (they're all pretty small) in our area and walking back was super tiring. Whew. We had been fasting but we decided we needed some water before we died. So maybe that's why you felt you should pray on that Friday, Mom?

So we've been on a lot of exchanges. The assistants went on exchanges, the zone leaders, and the district leader this week. Oh boy. I love learning from those who have more experience than me. 

So we had stake conference a week ago Sunday. President Eyring presided and spoke. It was so cool hearing about how in a lot of this area it used to be branches and meetings took place in libraries and other buildings. It's amazing how the work has grown in this region, from what he was speaking on. 

So one of our investigators told me recently that I sound exactly like Kevin Spacey. Or that Kevin Spacey sounds exactly like me. ;) Your thoughts?

Ok so the Taska bag you bought me is great... But on long walks it seems to stress my back with the weight of my scriptures and stuff in there. So I still plan on using it on Sundays and for zone conferences and the like... But I was curious if y'all could look in one of those boxes of stuff I packed up and find the Jansport dark blue backpack I have and ship that out with the package you were putting together? I love you all. I do love the bag. But maybe using it in moderation?

So I love this ward! Our ward mission leader was released this sunday and is now the Elder's Quorum President! Bummer! He was great in that previous calling. But he'll do well in his current calling. And we have been teaching one of our investigators at President Vai Sikahema's home with his family. It's funny how it's such a small world. When he came and spoke at the MTC I never thought I'd know him personally and that he'd live in my mission boundaries... and in the ward boundaries where I'm serving. They invited us over for Memorial Day festivities but because we were short on miles at the end of the month we couldn't go over on pday. Such a nice family. Did President Sikahema call you on sunday? He asked for our home numbers when we taught over there Sunday.

Oh and your letter mom that you sent on Wednesday came here on Saturday. Since they didn't deliver mail yesterday dad's letter came today.

So an interesting insight I had from training in Broomall, PA from the 17th-19th. Alma the younger saw an angel, who told him to stop going about destroying the church. Later in Alma chapter 5, maybe verse 45? 46? I forget. But he says that the way that he gained his testimony was through much fasting and prayer. Marvelous visions or signs are not what build testimony. That doesn't take much effort on our part. We have to put forward the effort of wanting to know for ourselves - so much that we put in the time. We have to read the scriptures. We have to apply what it teaches into our lives. We have to change ourselves, in order to become more like Christ. As we then pray and come to church, amongst other things. That's how we come to have a stronger belief or testimony of the truth. Like John 7:17. We have to do the doctrine to know whether it's of God.

It's amazing to see the changes that occur in peoples' lives that come from living the gospel. One mother who's son was confirmed on Sunday wants to make sure her younger children grow up with the gospel, and has asked us on ways to be able to do so. She's been reading the scriptures to her youngest. I shared how you did that with me and the difference I really do think that makes. Even when it seems that they are too young to understand.

Philly was cool! I got a cheap bling watch and Phillies hat. Both orange. I'm discovering orange is my favorite color...with blue as my secondary. But I'm not a Boise State bandwagoner. :) We went to the Rocky steps outside the art museum. I got a picture of the Slovak flag on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. We saw the liberty bell. I just realized all those stamps with the liberty bell are of something that's within my mission. Pretty chill. Independence Hall was sold out of tickets. We also got cheese steaks. Legit Philly Cheese steaks. At a place called the Reading Market or something by the conference center? We also went to the temple site. Right now it's just a parking lot. But that will change. :) Oh, Philly. I want to serve in the city some day. We'll see. There are children of God everywhere so it's all good.

I love you all! Never give up! The gospel works! We just have to trust it. I will try to write a physical letter to mail next week. :) Thanks for all you do and your prayers and the prayers of those you have shared are praying for me. It helps. Although we all have our different concerns and are unique, the Gospel of Christ can help us and is what unifies us. Only the Gospel will bring peace to the world.

At Stake Conference, the closing hymn was God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again. That is probably my favorite hymn now. It will be the mission hymn in my heart. I miss you. I entrust you to God's care while I am absent. I tear up each time I sing that now. I remember Jordan Kezele's farewell and singing it there, sitting with you. I couldn't sing for half of it. I will see you when it is the right time to see you. I am where I'm supposed to be. I love you, my wonderful family. Until we write again, keep Beaming Bright!

Your son and brother,

Elder PBeezy