Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Hey family!

Well, another week has passed! Oh boy! It's flying! Week four in the field! Wow! Anywho. Ok, so random tangent. So my left knee was originally scuffed up a week or two before I left for the MTC. Once in the MTC it scabbed over and completely healed. Then- a fellow elder went for a piggy back and I wasn't quite prepped for it. I fell and scuffed it again. Same spot. So then it scabbed over and I scuffed it again in our room. Dang. Yeah. So then it scabbed over again and then one night here in the field something caught on the scab and... you guessed it! Scuffed it again. So four times! Ha. It just doesn't want to heal.

Anywho. So questions. Dad- did you get the picture from a family here in the ward of my comp and I when they had us over for dinner yesterday? The Rigby's have a son serving in Jerome currently. Crazy small world. And did you receive the package I sent from the MTC right before I left there? 

Oh, to answer your question, Mom, there is a blender in our apartment. I found that this morning. :)

So this last Friday, we had a Zone Conference combined with the Philly zone. An Elder Smith, the area authority came and spoke to us and gave us some training, along with the usual from President Schaefermeyer and the Assistants. It was great! I love Zone Conferences! (Now that I know what they are made up of.) We spent a lot of our time focusing on a specific aspect of Our Purpose.

We had two baptisms yesterday! Oh such a great experience. The Spirit is so strong! No wonder why. Heavenly Father is so pleased with those who are taking the steps to grow closer to Him. He only wants to strengthen us and help us find the path back to Him. It's so cool to see the positive changes in peoples' lives that come from doing things the Lord's way and striving to improve and better  themselves.

I'd say my biggest struggle right now is feeling that I still struggle with teaching with the Spirit. I feel that I don't know enough to adequately help these people in their journey towards God. I hear their concerns... but I feel that I fall short in remembering to listen to the Spirit and sharing with them the principles of the Gospel that will sincerely help them with their specific needs. It's just frustrating. But I guess that's why we're here on earth- to learn. :)

The homesickness is getting better and better with time. I still miss you all, but it's tolerable.

I love you all. You're so great! I can really feel your support for me. I'll answer your letters by snail mail.

P.S. I was surprised in one of sis’s last letters about her saying how she loved me. I guess I just never reallly realized that she really did. Idk... Sad but I guess that's a good thing about a mission. I'm discovering things. Like my sister loving me. :)