Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Well, hello family!

Did you get an email from someone in this ward about the Mutual activity last week? It was Missionary Appreciation Night! We were given our favorite cereal, 3 boxes of cans of food, and posters that people wrote on and an ice cream bar. It was great! Our ward here loves the missionaries! That was a cool morale booster. I included pics of the group and the poster. Elder Daley and I each got one.

That's awesome with Dad and sis hiking! Super duper. Practice is great! It won't be as hard that way on trek! So sis, little bro says you're wearing my old suit. I'm curious - what might he be talking about? I'm cool with it - just curious. (MOM INTERJECTS: His sister had to borrow a suit for a play and chose to borrow his. I just realized we never answered his question!)

To answer your question, Rachel - I like having a talkative companion. It makes it easier for a quiet guy like me. But he said he used to be quiet - so there's hope! Ha. :0) And Mom, I'm glad you liked the rose I sent you in the letter for Mother's Day. Hopefully it wasn't too crumbly by the time it got there. Little bro, how are you? I heard you went for yogurt! What flavors did you get? And I'm there for you, buddy! You're still my buddy. I'll come back for both you and sis in 2 years - less than that. 21 months! :0) It'll zoom by. I'll be there.

I'll right! I love you all! Keep it chill and I'll speak to you soon! Oh and I thought it was amazing what you said, Mom, about being right in sync with me feeling lifted. That's super cool!

Your son and brother,

Elder PBeezy

P.S. Tuesday through Thursday this week I'll be in Broomall for "goldens" for training. I'll explain more in email next week. Also, I received the packet one normally receives in advance when called to this mission. I can send most of it to you. :0)