Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011: Delran, NJ

Well, we found out that he's not in Morristown, he's not in Moorestown...he's in Delran, New Jersey. But his assigned ward is the Moorestown, New Jersey ward! Here is a Q&A we emailed him, so he would have something from us his first week.

Q. How would you like to handle the Mother's day call? So excited for this!

A. Alright, so we'll call on Mother's day. I'm not quite sure at what time. We have church from 10-1pm our time, which is two hours ahead. So idk. So probably afterwards so y'all be home from church, which if I remember correctly is from 9-12 right? I'll try the home phone first.

Q. What is your companion's name and where is he from?
A. Elder Cory Daley (pronounced Daily). He is from around the Santa Rosa area in Caly.

Q. How long has he been out? What areas served in?
A. The other area he served in was Allentown, PA. May 8th, will make his 8 month mark. until the last transfer, he was in Allentown the whole time. So this will be his second transfer here.

Q. What was your meeting with President Schaefermeyer and the others when you first arrived?

A. Well, I'll answer my flight story later but Wednesday morning we had a meeting in the mission home where we went over 2 Nephi 31 and our purpose as missionaries.

Q. How many wards are you assigned to?
A. Just Moorestown.

Q. How do you feel about your new reassignment to Philly mission?

A. Well, I felt great about it before I came. I still feel ok about it now. It's just really really really hard transitioning.

Q. Are you happy you'll be close to a new eye doctor?
A. Yeah. It feels nice knowing. Although Philly's about an hour away ish. I have no idea how I'll set that appt up. The doc in SLC said he'd like sometime around August to September for me to be seen. Maybe you could call him and see what his thoughts are on the subject and then call the mission home to see about that. idk.

Q. Do you have to polish your shoes?

A. Oh yeah. Except I haven't done that yet on the mish. I need to though. Maybe later on today at the apt.

Q. I hope there won't be any more problems with your mission (from your little bro).

A. Little bro, you're a trooper. Thank you. Someday this will be you. :)

Q. What is the ugliest thing you've seen so far in Jersey? (from your sis)

A. Umm... poop. Jk. IDK. It's not too bad in this area!

Q. What is the best food you've eaten so far, and why? (from your sis)
A. There is an investigator who feeds us great food. He used to have a catering business. It reminds me of being home with dad's cooking. In a good way of course.

Q. What's your living conditions? apartment, sharing house, etc? More than one companionship in your place? (Dad)

A. Just one companionship in our apt. Kinda like a duplex.

Q. Do you walk anywhere or do you drive?

A. We have a car so we basically drive everywhere. But the mission had miles cut across the board, so we went from 1150 to 1025 per month. So yeah. And since we had to go to Broomall, PA to pick me up, that took us over the limit.

Q. What was it like getting to your apartment?

A. It was good. :) It was nice settling in.

Q. Have you caught up on sleep yet? Do you feel back to normal on sleep?
A. Ha, I never feel caught up on sleep. I'll catch up in two years. I'm going to bed at the regular time. It's just not feeling like enough.

Q. How do you think this week compares to, if you were your first week in Slovakia?

A. I mean I can understand everything people are saying. But it's still one of those things where I just feel quiet and it's not the MTC anymore. Probably less of a severe transition.

Q. What's your town like?
A. It's pretty green and it's got suburban and more city'ish a bit.

Q. Where is the nearest temple? What is the temple district you're in? Do you get a chance to go? How frequent?
A. We do not get the chance to go to the temple while on our missions. I think it's Wash DC.

Q. What's the best part of this past week?
A. Taking the sacrament.

Q. What is your goal for this coming week?
A. To get to the end of it.

[Here is the rest of our letter to Elder Bezas.]  
We love you. We are excited to get your mailing address!!!!!!! That way we can send you fun things. Lots and lots of people ask about you. You are well loved. And your life is no longer your own in a way. You are there for the Savior. As daddy told me this week, "he who does God's work gets God's pay." The reward comes sooner or it comes later, but it always comes.

I (Mom) have had a particularly tough week. And as of today, I'm glad I hung in there. So whether or not this is being easy currently for you, it WILL be worth it. Guard against depressed or discouraged thoughts. I'm learning they are selfish thoughts, because they focus the light we've been given on OURSELVES, not others. So again, serve, serve, serve. It will always yield dividends.

OK, enough for now. We love you!

The Bezas fam!
[Here is his email to us. One can tell it's being tough, the first week out in the field on the mission.]

Alright, well, almost first week in the field finished. Woot! 

So my trip out here was crazy. I was the only one in the district who had to get up before 4am to make the shuttle to SLC for my flight, since the rest don't leave until tomorrow for the Czech Republic. I, being the deep sleeper that I am, slept through my alarm and then someone else heard the front desk person on the intercom asking if there was an Elder Paul Bezas. They banged on the door and let me know. 

So I ended up traveling on the 5am shuttle to Salt Lake, ending up arriving around 540am. So I waited to see if a seat would open up on a flight leaving at 945am and that didn't work. So I got a ticket on a flight for Cincinnati leaving SLC at 240pm. Yeah, so that was a fun wait. :) Ha. So then I got into Cincinnati around 8pm. The flight headed for Philly was delayed because of weather and so it didn't leave until 1030pm. So I got into Philly around 1200am.

So then President Schaeffermeyer, his wife, and two of the three assistants were kind enough to meet me there. We then picked up my baggage, which was all there. and then we traveled the fifteen minutes or so to the mission home. I slept, and the next morning we had breakfast there and met together as the new missionaries with President, who spoke to us about our purpose and we discussed 2 Nephi 31, which basically goes right along with it. 

We then met our trainers at the chapel. Elder Cory Daley is my trainer! He is amazing. So friendly and great at talking with people and knows how to teach very well. We had a baptism this week. Little Anthony. His dad is a member. It was pretty cool to walk right into, being fresh in the field. My comp is good and tries to live by the rules so that's great! I just feel like I'm super quiet and can't think of things to say and I forget stuff that I should remember and it's just hard.

Had my first experience with street contacting and knocking doors. That was interesting. One woman said that asking someone about their religious beliefs is like asking them about their sex life. I had no idea. Ha. 

We passed out a Book of Mormon to one guy named Jerry. Hopefully he reads. :) Alright well, that's the weekly report from Jersey. I love the people who have the area accent. Thanks for the letters. They help. :) I pray for all of you every day. 

If you could send a report from the DMV of my driving record. I need that so I can be approved to drive at some point in the mission.

If you could write up what President Bertasso at the MTC and President Irwin said about me through their phone calls to you that'd be great and help me feel like I'm worth something, and that I can actually do something good here. My comp says I'm doing good. I just don't feel it. Feel free to write letters before next pday :)

Look for the mailing address to mail me stuff. Even just letters. That's great. I love you all. Hopefully all is well. I love you all. I'm on a mission. I should be strong so I can help others. I love you, sis and little bro. You are the best. Make sure to write and update me on life. I want to know how things are going. :)

I'll mail the sd card this week hopefully. I just need to develop pics at the walmart here. When I tried to develop my pictures before at the MTC the last time, it said that my order didn't go through.

I love you all. I way miss you. I wish I could be with you all. I realize I didn't fully appreciate the phone calls I had home from the MTC. I'm way looking forward to this one. It's hard right now. I know I owe it to Christ to be out here. He gave His life. I can't give two years? The other elders just seem to have a handle on it better. But my comp is nice and tries to help me feel better.

Elder Bezas