Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Well hey there!

Another week over.



Okay so it was pretty crazy/cool/hectic/relaxed this week. So the weekend before, a week ago Thursday I  went on an exchange with Elder White in the same district. Crazy small world. Why one might ask? Because his cousin is Challis... Oh and when he was young, he hung out with Shelby... No way! How'd I find this out - reading a letter from Shelby whilst in the car with Elder White. Shelby said - "I don't know if you know him... but there's an Elder White I knew growing up, in the Philly mission." Who'da thunk I'd be in the car with just such an Elder White. Crazy. :)

So I sent off the sd card. I didn't send the page with people's names you wanted mom, but I'll work on that this next week. So this last week, Tuesday through Thursday, I was in Broomall, PA with the new missionary training run by President and the Assistants. It was about the new curriculum the MTC is rolling out, made up of 8 lessons on how to be better missionaries and teach through the Spirit more. It was amazing. I just loved it. I learn so much from these things. President is so cool. I love him. And then Tuesday and Wednesday night we went tracting in Philly (by the University). Oh, I think it'd be cool to serve there. Talked to some cool people, and set up an appointment with one individual we talked to who goes to three different churches
each week. Really sincere guy.

This week we also gave blessings to the parents of one of our recent converts. It's amazing how much peace the Spirit brings into a home. It's just a sweet experience being an instrument in the Lord's hands. 

Ok - Brett Maughan gets a paragraph all his own. This is my shout out - Brett Maughan you manly man you! I loved the package. Thank you so much! I received a ginormous giggle fest at the contents. And thanks for the famous white iPod. Haha. I laughed so hard. :) Thank you! :)

Ok - So this green drink you sent... I'm sure it's healthy. I'm sure it's very very very healthy and that I might develop super human powers if I continue inserting it into my body. I just don't know if it's worth it. I whipped it up the other night... and almost threw up. Twice. Ha. But I'll try my best. Wow. Anywho. Ha. I love you guys.

So on Saturday, Elder Daley was really sick, so we stayed inside. So I cleaned, read some from the Book of Mormon and yeah. Oh yeah, I did laundry too. Oh and the world didn't end, like it "supposedly" was going to, according to that guy from that radio station in California. (Go figure how it was such a big trend here on the east coast). Did you hear about that? May 21st being the end and all that?

But yeah - it was really different. Staying in all day. I knew that we weren't in the wrong. He couldn't go out. Bless his heart. But I still felt like I wasn't doing all I could that day. It helped me see what it would be like (in a fashion) to come home. I am where I'm supposed to be. I wouldn't have it any other way. It may be hardish on some days. But this is the best work I'll ever be engaged in (D&C 15). I want to help these people. It helped me decide what my motivation for coming out was/is now. My motive is a bit more altruistic. I'll talk more about that next week.

So this morning as I got up from saying my personal prayer... my vision was pretty cloudy. I was worried that the eye bad mojo business was acting up and taking on new form/symptoms. But then I realized I had just been pressing on my eyes while praying, so it went away within a minute or two. But during that minute before I realized what it truly was- I caught myself thinking- "What? How can this happen to me? Why me? I'm going about doing the Lord's work? Why? This isn't supposed to happen to me." But then I realized- Wait, what is it I'm telling people all the time- that Christ suffered through His Atonement so that we can have His help with us always. He knows exactly how we feel when we suffer and He knows perfectly how to comfort us. This is an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Do I really trust Christ can help me get through all trials? All things will result in good for those that follow God (Romans 8:28). I just need to trust Him. This life is short. How can I waste it in complaining. And then I realized it was just momentary from rubbing my eyes. Whew. But still. My testimony was strengthened. 

So today we're joining a couple other elders and going to Center City in Philly and seeing Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and some other cool stuff for PDay. I'll make sure to take lots of pics. :)

Another cool experience we had this week was  praying about a mother and daughter's baptismal date. We realized we needed to push it back a few weeks because we couldn't realistically teach everything in the amount of time we have left. So we prayed about it- deciding between the two new dates. Felt it out. Prayed again. It was really cool actually being able to feel the impression of the Spirit, being more present when considering the one date over the other. The sooner date felt right, which didn't make sense because that  would give us less time to teach them- but the Spirit knows best. We trusted the Spirit and presented the date and it worked out great. :) The Spirit knows best. We just need to trust him. I love you all. I probably won't be able to write until next week. Love y'all!

Elder Bezas