Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Sunday, May 8, 2011, we had the privilege to talk with Elder Bezas by phone. It was Mother's Day and he'd called home to talk with us all. What a treat. It was a beautiful experience and we love this fine young man, who is seeking to set aside his personal life, goals, and dreams for two years to serve others and to teach about the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course there have been some adjustments, being away from home for the first time in a big way, but as you'll see in this email, the homesickness is becoming less and less. Here is Elder Bezas's email...

So little Anthony was confirmed yesterday. Yay! And we have another awesome young man who's getting baptized this week. It's cool to see the work progress. We're going over to teach their family tonight. 

The home sickness is starting to get better. It was so great to talk with all of you on the phone yesterday. I didn't feel home sick that much at the MTC. Possibly because it's so sheltered there/still familiar (Provo)/close to home. I don't know. But it definitely hit hard out here. But it was amazing the contrast between feeling so far away from home... and how close you all felt while on the phone with you. 

I just struggle with feeling like I need to be perfect and get it all down pat now! But that's not realistic. I realize that. I just need to get it in my head. 

So, little bro, you got into your new school! That's awesome! Way to go! You excited?? Nervous?? It's something new. It might seem scary, but the Lord will help us overcome all our challenges and trials. You can do this, little guy! I love you buddy. And you know what? I realized I didn't spend enough time with you and sis before I left. So when I get back- we're playing catch every day! k? Sound good? 

I realized this more this week as we watched Finding Faith in Christ with an investigator. It just clicked. Christ performed the atonement so that we can overcome our weaknesses. Faith  helps us carry on. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. He performed miracles then. 

They still happen today. My trainer said that I've made progress even in the last two weeks I've been here. I'm glad. It's hard for me to see my own progress. I'm trying to make life easy on him. 

So sis!!! How are things? So the play's done. Did you have show choir tryouts already? Whatever happens, know you are awesome. I love you and care about you. Reserve some time when I get back- we're hitting up our fav yogurt shop!
Dad- so I looked and the neighbor across the street still has the flag. Oh you and Google earth. You sly one. Ha. Thanks for your support. You are my example in hard work. Thanks for supporting the family so well.
Mom- you're awesome. Thanks for what you do. Oh by the way, I found the SD card. But it said it didn't have any video files on it. Are you sure it was in .AVI format? That's what my camera uses. I'll check my comp's camera. See if it works in his. 

I love you all. You're the best. I'm happy to be here. it's just hard some days. I just want to do good. I'm realizing I just put my effort out there and the Lord does the rest. Ran into a woman the other day. She said, "Oh, you're mormons right? Holy trinity. The one true God. Christ is my savior. You have the wrong religion! I'm just so sad they force you to come out here on these missions. Find God." That was funny. Well, I was my usual quiet self and just kept going. I know I believe in Christ. It's just interesting how people can misunderstand. We are christian. Christ is our savior. Whenever it gets confrontational, the Spirit is gone

The gospel is amazing. I have to make this time count and share it. I love you all. I'll read your letters and write back via snail mail. have a great week!
Elder PBeezy

And here is Elder Bezas's letter to his mission president this week:

Well, hi there President!

This week is going better. Yes. I still miss my family. But it was great to be able to speak to them yesterday. I feel that I can do this. The Lord will help me. :) Thanks for all of your help.

The other night after an appointment I was just on a spiritual high, feeling that this is why I'm here. To help others find Christ through the Gospel. Oh it's worth it. It's just hard sometimes but we just have to push through. I love Jacob 4:5-6. God allows us to experience weakness so we turn to Him. I pray for you and hope you are feeling great!

Have a great week!

Elder Bezas