Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

I don't know why, but today was different. I felt lifted. Sure I still miss you all. But it feels more settled. It really helped - what you said about you not going anywhere. That constancy really helps. I can do this, knowing you'll still be there when I finish.

So little bro - the weather is more humid. Some days more than others. Maybe FL will remain forever "more" humid in my memory, but this seems less so. :) It rains occasionally, not every day though. And yeah, it would be cool if I end up using Slovak. :)

And mom, I didn't get the letter from me to Pres. Irwin. But I do have a copy of it. :) Did you include something else with it?

Wow, sis, so trek's coming up! That's exciting! You happy about it? or nervous? How are you feeling? Sorry about the show choir auditions. Things happen for a reason. God has something better planned for you in the long run. And your script was SELECTED?!!!? That's so cool! What's the story about? I want the details! I know it can be sad that the play is over, but trust that God can provide a brighter, happier future than the past. Because He can. All the fun you had this year, He can give you more. Do things His way. Put Him first and He'll give you a good future!It's not cold here currently. Warming up. My companion is awesome! He's really supportive and helping me adjust. I contacted a couple of the Czech elders and gave my address to them. :) Love you, sis.

And little bro, you're awesome! I'll be back before you become a deacon. How cool is that?

Dad, I actually have [the article] "Beauty from Ashes," so you can save the ink from sending it again. Thanks for what you said! I love you, Dad. You are the best! I adore you.

Mom, I'll send the memory card next p-day! :) I love you! You are so selfless. I feel you on the streets with me. Your support doesn't feel that far away.

Part of the reason I am feeling the strength to stick it out is you both went through missions and made it through. I can. The Lord will help.

Little bro, I'll be at your first Priesthood session at Conference! How cool is that?

And tell the seminary class I loved their letters. We both did! Tell them the future is bright. Don't let the past define them. They each have something unique to offer the world. Don't let Satan trick you. You have royal within you. You are children of God. Share yourself and your joy with others. Christ can be your friend.

Your son, Elder Paulbert Bezas