Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Howdy howdy!

The work is just going super super great! I'm not gonna lie. I love it here! I love these people. So one family we totally love here got back from Disneyworld and we have given the mom a blessing when she was feeling sick. And before they left for Disneyworld - all that were going got blessings. So awesome to serve in that way. So she left her Book of Mormon over at her mom's house and yesterday she texted us and told us that the Grandma had asked if she could get a copy for herself. 

We've been teaching another man and helping him as he develops his faith. He asked for a blessing yesterday. That was so powerful. One of their two dogs died this week, and so last pday after going to Medford area and playing mini golf we went to his house and dug a grave for his dog. Wow. It felt so powerful serving like that. We had it probably about four feet deep. It just felt so good helping them I love them. And last night. Oh man - he cooked us filet mignon, shrimp alfredo (since he knows that's my favorite), NY strip steak, lemon garlic chicken. Dang. And he made virgin pina coladas. I love those! Oh and shrimp cocktail. Such great people.
We've had two missionaries come back recently. One is President Sikahema's son, who spoke yesterday in church. Great talk! He came back from London, England. It's kinda weird seeing return missionaries. Now I'm to the point where I don't want to go home. If you know what I mean, I still have some work to do here. :) I really miss all of y'all. But I'm where I need to be. We can all share the good news of the gospel wherever we're at.

So I have never had someone mistake my name as Beezley. Through all the years of growing up and work and school. Never. But here in Jersey for some reason, they just can't get my name. Other missionaries, investigators, members. It's quite perplexing. :)

Alright- sweet quote from Elder Grayson- "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Gold. I love it.
Alright - I love you all. I think you'll like the envelope I'll mail this week.

S laskou,

Elder Bezas

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Hello, y'all! I do declare it to be the 20th of June, 2011!

So today we are going to go play mini-golf with Elder White and Elder Mitchell - in the district. At district meeting last Thursday, we each brought a name for the district... and then voted. We went with Elder White's selection - District Zion. ..... Oh yeah. I love it. Nice, strong ring to it. Unity indeed. :)

I changed my mind on the back pack. You don't have to send that out. I'm just going to pick something up here today. So it's alright. Thanks though!

Oh! I got my mission debit card! It finally arrived. Previously they were putting my funds on Elder Daley's card, but come July it'll be on my card. Random tidbit.

So last night was interesting - I couldn't get to sleep until after two. First time that has happened since before March. I was just sitting there thinking - Wow, it's not like sleep here is limited or anything. Ha. But it all works out.

So cool experience - we switched phones this last week- and one of the referrals we received from headquarters was still on the text in the old phone... We hadn't written it down yet. We stopped by before and dropped of a copy of the Book of Mormon and we were going to stop by and try to sit down and meet with them. But we didn't have his address. It was lost with the old phone. So. We knew the general area. We really were led by the Spirit. We found the street and after walking down and back again we found the house! 

He's super busy, but we will try him next weekend, which work best for him. This work is just cool. I can't believe I've almost been out four months... Ok well two months in the MTC but still.

Dad - super cool letter with the pics. Awesome! So how was Kung Fu Panda II? Any good? Wow, I'm going to have a lotta movies to watch when I get home to get caught up! 

Sis! Hey, so that's awesome with the Personal Progress! Yeah, get that finished up before school starts and life gets hectic again! Booyah! 

Little bro! Well, to answer your question - my biceps are dandy? Ha. And I'm glad you're liking golf. And mom was telling me you are being a little missionary already! I give you props my man. And I have had a couple pretty good laughs so far. I'm learning it's really important to find ways to have fun while doing the work, otherwise burnout is inevitable. Hence the mini golf. One of these pdays I'll actually catch up in letter writing. :) I foresee the intake of letters decreasing in relation to the amount of time I'm out here.

Also mom- could you send out a copy of the 2011 EFY cd? with song titles and artist names on a piece of paper or something? That would be so swell!!! :)

And the license getting extended? Any luck there?

So I got a haircut this week. A home style one. Elder Daley used the clippers and I went with a half inch length all around. To answer another question - when I print out at the library it's ten cents a page, but I shrink everything down to size six font and take out the spaces in between paragraphs so I keep it to one-two pages each time :)

Alright love you all! Mwah!

Elder Bezas

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 11 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

(He references again his medical condition in this letter that had pulled him from serving in Slovakia and had brought him to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission instead.)

Well, here's what I'll do to try to get a letter to you each week - it may just be shorter. But it's the thought that counts, right?

So trek went well, sis? I'm super glad. And for your big day, here's a giant virtual hug. Sorry, that's all I got - I'm a poor missionary. :)

So for the most part, I'm much better. And I want to improve! I'm to the point where (I've heard of other elders having to go home for medical reasons), but I definitely don't want that to happen. Sure, I miss you a ton - but I want to see you the right way - in 2 years! Alright - hope you'll have a great day and I will write you again next week!

Your son/brother,

Elder PBeezy

P.S. Little bro, I want to see your animation one of these days. And Dad, do send some pics of the trees! Woot woot! Arbor it up! And how was EFY, Mom/

P.P.S. Streets are interesting here like in Florida - there are several streets that are completely separate from each other but have identical names! And streets will continue - but will change names 3-4 times. Ha. Ja vas Milujem.

I love you. I confirmed the Aaronic Priesthood upon a young man this last Sunday. Such a great experience. The Spirit's prompting so special.

June 13, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Well, it's a bright day today!

So this week I went on an exchange with our new Zone Leader - Elder Grayson. Super chill Elder. He is an excellent teacher. And a really good motivator. He's great at critiquing in a positive manner, in a way that leads to growth. But he can also relax and just be real. 

I am definitely glad that I am able to have another transfer with Elder Daley! He is just the best. I admire him in a lot of ways. We've had several days where we have walked in order to save miles. I'm growing to love those days - one gets to know their companion better during those talks while walking. A deeper level of trust comes after more time. It's just a good companionship. I'm not gonna lie. Several people have commented on how they like both of us together. We just mesh well. Sure, our personalities differ, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Some good times for sure.

So I sent a letter in the mail a few days ago so that should be arriving at the house soon...

Ah... So school is now out. Trek is over... Oh boy. So what does the fam have planned for the rest of the summer? Any super chill excursions?

So we went and visited one of our investigators this week. I really do love him. He thinks the Book of Mormon is true, although he hasn't prayed about it. We committed him to do so in our last meeting. 

I see the difference the gospel makes in peoples' lives. I know that Christ is our Savior - Ja viem ze Kristus je nas Spasit'el - I still got a little Slovak in me. ;)   

I'm going to start studying Slovak each day a little bit so that I don't lose it. Even though I'm not using it now, it might become useful in some future date. Although I don't ever see myself being truly fluent, not having spent the time over there. Speaking it constantly. But that's alright. God is in the driver's seat. There's a reason for it all. I am content to serve the people here. The world is just one giant mission, with lots of smaller zones within it. Every soul is precious in the sight of God.

Well, here's to another week... hopefully without any bird poop finding a home on my noggin'.

Keep Beaming Bright!

Elder Bezas

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Hey there family!

Well, I am getting around to writing a physical letter. :0) How are all of you? the work is going great here. There are always going to be those who aren't receptive to the message we share, but there has been some great success also. We've had a couple say hello to us and start a conversation with us. Which is rare when they are the ones to start talking - how can you pass up an opportunity to share a message about the Savior then??

There's a couple we started seeing this last weekend. It was a referral we received on the phone for Philly, about 20 minutes away. They came the next day and he bore his testimony. Crazy cool. She is receptive to the message. We're going to start teaching her this week. The way the Lord works is super cool.

Yes, I did have an authentic Philly cheese steak in Philly on pday. I have really heard of "grinders" ever here in Jersey. They just call them cheesesteaks here. Or is it something different you meant?

And here's the deal with the bag. I'm sorry...I'm just never going to wear that waist strap. :0) The bag is good on days like Sunday when we don't do a lot of walking/tracting. But the days we do--eh. The bag weighs more than the stuff I carry in it. It's nice for days w/o tracting.

(MOM INTERJECTS HERE: We'd paid $100 for what was supposed to be a cool missionary bag to carry books and things. I'm thinking our money may have been better spent on a regular backpack, from what it sounds like.)

When we tract, I would like something lighter, like my old Jansport backpack. I love how many pockets it has, though (the Taska)...It's great on most days. So today, I tried using the waist strap. It was good...but it would still be nice to interchange with the other bag.

So today we visited the first girl mentioned. We brought a member with us since her boyfriend is out of town temporarily. We had a good lesson and her faith is increasing and she has great interest in our message. She's going to come to Sacrament Meeting again this Sunday.

Well, I love you all. Have a great week. I'll try to mail this when I can. We got a new ward mission leader this week! We'll miss the previous one but the new one will be great!

Your son,

Elder PBeezy

June 7, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas to His Little Brother

Little Bro!

How are you, buddy?!? So how did having the house to just you and Dad go? Have any fun adventures? How was golfing with the golf clubs that awesome Lyda gave you, with Dad? How is Church? Who's in your Primary class? How is scouts going? I miss you, buddy!

So I heard you are going to a new school next year! Are you excited? Nervous? How are you feeling? I know when we haven't gone through experiences before, when things are new, there is some nervousness. But that's normal. When I went to the MTC - I was nervous! I had never been there before. I didn't know what to expect. But you know what? I just kept going forward - knowing God wouldn't give me anything I can't handle - and I made it through! You can do this, little bro. You are a strong young man! So when do you pick out your classes?

So what do you want to do when you grow up? Have you been to get frozen yogurt since I've left? What flavors did you get? We're going again when I get back! :0)

So you going to see Cars 2 when it comes out in a couple of weeks? Seen any other cool movies? How is homeschooling? You going to miss it? You being nice to the family? How is it now that Mom is done with seminary for the year? And of course, how is our bedroom doing? You know it's still our bedroom. :0) You keep it nice and safe for me, ok? You sleeping in your bed - or is the bottom one your bed now?

How did you like the Slovak letter? You should watch Toy Story 3 for me since I can't watch movies, regular movies, right now. :0) Have you been playing catch with Dad?

Alright, write me back. The more you tell me, the more I'll have to write you back about. :0)

Dude, start prepping for your mission! It's awesome! I love you, buddy. Watch The Best Two Years and tell me about it.

Keep Beaming Bright.

Elder PBeezy - your bro!

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Well, hi there!

Shout out to Dad! I give you a hearty virtual hug and a high five and a thumbs up and a fist bump. Oh yeah. :) I love you Dad! You are a great great example to me. Thanks for being there for me!

So this week was just pretty much awesome!

So Elder Daley, my companion was just made District Leader with this new transfer which starts today! So they normally keep a "golden" as they like to call them in the PPM (Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mission) or "greenie" with their trainer or "father" for at least two transfers unless the trainer is going home after the first or some other unusual circumstance. President Schaefermeyer doesn't view trainers as a position to give to someone who is struggling, in which case a calling as a trainer might help them straighten out. He knows that the start of anything sets a precedence for the rest of the journey, and as such only chooses exemplary missionaries as trainers. This reflects very well on Elder Daley. So yeah.

So I'm realizing I start off a lot of my paragraphs with the word "so". Oh, well. So trek is coming up, eh? That's sweet, sis! I know it'll take some major effort, but try to be grateful for this opportunity! I wish I had been able to do something like that while I was younger, but alas, it was not to be. You can do this! Philippians 4:13! I'll write you a letter this week.

Little bro, I loved the knock knock jokes! :) You rock! So you been golfing with Dad lately? How's that going?

So anything fun planned for your bday? Y'all do anything cool for Memorial Day?

So when is Mom done with Seminary? Or is she already? You know already whether you're doing it next year?

So I have decided that my mission is all about Hope. Hope through Christ. All things are possible because of Christ. He is my salvation. He gives me the strength to endure/enjoy my mission. He gives me hope for the future beyond my mission. I want to share this hope with those I come in contact with. I love the story in Mosiah 24. They found deliverance from their great trials through Christ. Christ delivered them, as He can deliver us from ours in day-to-day life. Hope and faith in Christ lead us to live lives in closer accordance with God's will.

So something I learned from my leaders this week on exchanges was the importance of setting goals. I am in the process of deciding what my personal goals are for the duration of my mission.

I'm getting to a point where I feel so excited about sharing the gospel. I'm learning day by day to let go of my fear and open my mouth, with faith that God will help me know what to say. There is a MTC devotional in which Elder Bednar spoke about knowing the difference between promptings from the Spirit and our own thoughts. He said that's a question that he's asked constantly by missionaries. His suggestion? Don't worry about it! He said that emphatically. His suggestion. Focus on being a good boy or good girl, keeping the commandments and our covenants we have made with God, and we'll find that a majority of our thoughts will be promptings from the Spirit, b/c we are more in tune with Him. I love that! So cool. It's just the putting it into practice bit that's harder.

So with one of our investigators, there was a period where the missionaries stopped meeting with him, but a different set caught back up with him, and Elder Daley and I have been teaching him. It's amazing to see the change in him and how he is now willing and feels more comfortable praying with us. This last week, as we drove up to his place, I had the thought that we might consider committing him to baptism, but I thought, Eh, we didn't discuss it before hand. We'll do that next time. (Silly Paul) So we were in there meeting with him, and Elder Daley committed him to baptism. And our investigator simply said Yes. He still has some steps to go in furthering his faith and testimony, but it is amazing to see his willingness. We prepare all the time for those who say no to that commitment, so I was caught by surprise when he just said yes. We'll still have to help him with concerns he has, such as coming to church. But it's still just great to see how Christ can take us and make us into so much more.

I love you all! I'll write ya soon.

"Can't wait. LOL. Smiley face."

Elder Bezas