Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Hello, y'all! I do declare it to be the 20th of June, 2011!

So today we are going to go play mini-golf with Elder White and Elder Mitchell - in the district. At district meeting last Thursday, we each brought a name for the district... and then voted. We went with Elder White's selection - District Zion. ..... Oh yeah. I love it. Nice, strong ring to it. Unity indeed. :)

I changed my mind on the back pack. You don't have to send that out. I'm just going to pick something up here today. So it's alright. Thanks though!

Oh! I got my mission debit card! It finally arrived. Previously they were putting my funds on Elder Daley's card, but come July it'll be on my card. Random tidbit.

So last night was interesting - I couldn't get to sleep until after two. First time that has happened since before March. I was just sitting there thinking - Wow, it's not like sleep here is limited or anything. Ha. But it all works out.

So cool experience - we switched phones this last week- and one of the referrals we received from headquarters was still on the text in the old phone... We hadn't written it down yet. We stopped by before and dropped of a copy of the Book of Mormon and we were going to stop by and try to sit down and meet with them. But we didn't have his address. It was lost with the old phone. So. We knew the general area. We really were led by the Spirit. We found the street and after walking down and back again we found the house! 

He's super busy, but we will try him next weekend, which work best for him. This work is just cool. I can't believe I've almost been out four months... Ok well two months in the MTC but still.

Dad - super cool letter with the pics. Awesome! So how was Kung Fu Panda II? Any good? Wow, I'm going to have a lotta movies to watch when I get home to get caught up! 

Sis! Hey, so that's awesome with the Personal Progress! Yeah, get that finished up before school starts and life gets hectic again! Booyah! 

Little bro! Well, to answer your question - my biceps are dandy? Ha. And I'm glad you're liking golf. And mom was telling me you are being a little missionary already! I give you props my man. And I have had a couple pretty good laughs so far. I'm learning it's really important to find ways to have fun while doing the work, otherwise burnout is inevitable. Hence the mini golf. One of these pdays I'll actually catch up in letter writing. :) I foresee the intake of letters decreasing in relation to the amount of time I'm out here.

Also mom- could you send out a copy of the 2011 EFY cd? with song titles and artist names on a piece of paper or something? That would be so swell!!! :)

And the license getting extended? Any luck there?

So I got a haircut this week. A home style one. Elder Daley used the clippers and I went with a half inch length all around. To answer another question - when I print out at the library it's ten cents a page, but I shrink everything down to size six font and take out the spaces in between paragraphs so I keep it to one-two pages each time :)

Alright love you all! Mwah!

Elder Bezas