Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011 - Physical Letter from Elder Bezas

Hey there family!

Well, I am getting around to writing a physical letter. :0) How are all of you? the work is going great here. There are always going to be those who aren't receptive to the message we share, but there has been some great success also. We've had a couple say hello to us and start a conversation with us. Which is rare when they are the ones to start talking - how can you pass up an opportunity to share a message about the Savior then??

There's a couple we started seeing this last weekend. It was a referral we received on the phone for Philly, about 20 minutes away. They came the next day and he bore his testimony. Crazy cool. She is receptive to the message. We're going to start teaching her this week. The way the Lord works is super cool.

Yes, I did have an authentic Philly cheese steak in Philly on pday. I have really heard of "grinders" ever here in Jersey. They just call them cheesesteaks here. Or is it something different you meant?

And here's the deal with the bag. I'm sorry...I'm just never going to wear that waist strap. :0) The bag is good on days like Sunday when we don't do a lot of walking/tracting. But the days we do--eh. The bag weighs more than the stuff I carry in it. It's nice for days w/o tracting.

(MOM INTERJECTS HERE: We'd paid $100 for what was supposed to be a cool missionary bag to carry books and things. I'm thinking our money may have been better spent on a regular backpack, from what it sounds like.)

When we tract, I would like something lighter, like my old Jansport backpack. I love how many pockets it has, though (the Taska)...It's great on most days. So today, I tried using the waist strap. It was good...but it would still be nice to interchange with the other bag.

So today we visited the first girl mentioned. We brought a member with us since her boyfriend is out of town temporarily. We had a good lesson and her faith is increasing and she has great interest in our message. She's going to come to Sacrament Meeting again this Sunday.

Well, I love you all. Have a great week. I'll try to mail this when I can. We got a new ward mission leader this week! We'll miss the previous one but the new one will be great!

Your son,

Elder PBeezy