Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 - Email from Elder Bezas

Well hey there!

It's another week and first off I must say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITLE BRO!!!! Wow, You're totally gonna be old!!! How cool is that!!?!? Alright, do something special, man! One suggestion. Go to Kiwi Loco and have the cake batter one. It's the best... But that's just my opinion. And here's a virtual hug

Oh, by the way, little bro, so in sacrament meeting on Sunday, the primary children sang a song. Although I couldn't really discern many of the words, it brought a big smile to my face. I thought of you and singing in primary all those times and being able to watch you do that. Keep being awesome, alright??

Alright, so I found something you might find interesting, Mom. So in 1 Nephi 18:18, the word 'grey' reminded me of your elementary experience with spelling that word. Ha. So you were right. Plus it's spelled that way in British literature. :)

So I must say, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Having my old set of scriptures is very comforting. I don't know why, but I associate a lot of sentimental value with certain things. In adjusting to the mission field, there are so many "new" things to get used to. Having scriptures that have all my old markings from the time I was about fourteen is very comforting to have. And I'll still find use for the other set. But it's nice to have the other for sure. And it was so nice that they arrived so quickly after I asked for them. Thank you. :)

Alright I love you guys, I'm trying to improve.. Ever so slowly. :) Thanks for all you do!

I'll see you again soon. :)

Elder Bezas

"Yea, I say unto you come and fear not, and lay aside every sin, which easily doth beset you, which doth bind you down to destruction, yea, come and go forth, and show unto your God that ye are willing to repent of your sins and enter into a covenant with him to keep his commandments, and witness it unto him this day by going into the waters of baptism." -Alma 7:15